blog 141: the Naga and the Tengu

The demon howled with apoplexy. At that moment there was a roar. I turned around to see a giant snake erupt out of the shimmering lake. By the gods! There really was a Naga! The Naga snake arched in the air as it leapt up. It was gigantic! Then it plunged back down deep under the water. Naga changeling snakes loved water. So they are often found in the most ancient of depths of rivers and lakes and springs of water. They are incurably drawn to water. “There is a Naga in your lake Sobojo! And he has been making a fool of you! You broke the agreement first by allowing your nemesis a Naga to plug up the plumbing and now you try to blame the Rathores for breaking the contract! You knave! And a coward too! To let a Naga live to make you look the right royal fool!”

The demon roared with fury. It’s face was bright red. It’s nose was a sword like size of utter monstrosity. It’s eyes were bright gold. It threw down it’s magical talisman and rose up in the air. It’s gigantic wings make a terrifying sound as they flapped. Then the Naga leapt out of the water. The demon bird’s talons lunged forward and snared the massive, 500 foot snake. The massive snake coiled about as it’s massive head hissed, spitting vermin. Then the snake’s head flayed forward and bit the throat of the demon bird as the Tengu tried to tear at the Naga with it’s massive beck, the beck erupting out of the face until the demon’s head was indeed a gigantic kite predator bird. The Naga demon snake and Tengu demon bird man tore into each other. The Tengu’s demon human arms and hands straggled the demon Naga snake as the Naga snake plunged it’s two foot long fangs into the throat to shoot vermin into the veins of the Tengu. It was a celestial battle between two ancient, supernatural nemeses. Then the weight of the gigantic Naga snake dragged the huge Tengu demon bird down into the water of the lake. The lake churned in a bloody vortex. I picked up the magical talisman and then dragged the dazed boy back through the tunnel. We broke out of the tunnel and through the grate as Royal Guards seized us.

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