blog 260: dangerous magic

At that moment Saadat Khan suddenly grabbed the torch and bashed the linga! The linga shattered. Sandstone is not especially hard and this sand linga was not firmly set into stone after all. The linga crumbled revealing a glowing reddish gold stone the size of a pebble. It seemed almost amber but it was not any known thing. But indeed it seemed the counterpart of another stone given by ‘Ravana’ to the Rabbi Bayer in Benaras.

The brazen Pathan grabbed the devilish stone and howled in triumph. “You are all damnable fools! Cowards! Shirks and infidels! Kafirs all! I have the Wish Fulfilling Jewel! I will be the Nawab of Indore! And 1857 will see the Uprising of Islam! And all will see what Muslims can do! How Muslims can wage Jihad! We will reveal our true selves at last! And everyone will know us for what we really are! The Emperor of the Mughals will be crowned anew! And coins minted proclaiming the triumph of Islam! And I will ride toward Agra and to Delhi in triumph! Me! Me! Nawab Saadat Khan! Waging Jihad! And the earth of India will run with the blood of Jihad! Ha! Ha!” The arrogant Muslim clasped the stone hard in his fist as he jeered us! As he danced about the torch he held flashed wild spots of light.

Suddenly the dancing light flashed off something monestrous. A shadow of a monster cast on a far wall. We gasped. “It is a shadow of a monster such as I joked I would create!” Marion said pointing.

Khan Son # 1 drew a hex as I gasped. “Look! Damn you! Saadat Khan! Look!” I shouted.

“Please! Don’t try to fool me with that silly trick!” Saadat Khan snarled.

The sounds of the distant laughter of the wild guru echoed off the stones. Then out of the shadows appeared The Naga. And The Naga was the wild guru!


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