blog 276: mr yak head

More and more reports fly repeating wild rumors. The hysterical behave like roosters with their balls cut off. Excellent metaphor! The red comb of the rooster looks just like Rajput turbans! Oh clever me! Brother # 2 is using local soothsayers to manufacture counter predictions and omens and portents predicting of dire calamity for the Last Mughal. He also ratchet up the predictions of a Sikh Triumph over their accurst foes the Mughals. There have actually been predictions circulating that Sikhs are destined to see Delhi, the bastion of the Mughals, burned to the ground. It is amazing how exciting that sounds to them! The Sikhs loath the Mughals, loath the Bengal Army, and loath Islam. I am sure the fact Muslims have tried to exterminate Sikhs for hundreds of years has nothing to do with that!

Khan Son # 1 ratchet up the Mr Yak Head ‘He is only Sleeping’ ridicule. He coached it as mock predictions of Mr Yak Head rising up from his hidden cave to ride forth across the Punjab, goatskin stuffed body, moth eaten clothes, wooden head, yak hair, waving his paper-mache tulwar, riding his hobbyhorse, conquering the infidel at the head of a glorious army of fools who had been conned out of their gold, as city slickers in Delhi and Patna crow and jeer the deluded suckers. “I am the Vice Regent of Allah! I am your Master! I command you! And oh yes! I want your money!” If there is one thing Pathans hate it is 1)losing gold and 2) being arrogantly commanded —especially by Mr Yak Head!


Listening posts in Herat are quiet. And the Shah of Persia is being his usual weasel self. He is a client of Russia but fears British gun boats off his coasts. So right now the Russians do not appear to be queuing up an army to invade. But the supplies of the original Crimea Second Front are still in place. If Russia can invade India then Russia will invade India. Czar Alexander does not have to agree. Hot heads can stampede the invasion if they think they can get away with it. That is the usual Russian Tournament of Shadows routine. Either way the Shah of Persia gets walloped. Sure. He can let the Russies invade us. Second front. But gunboats will blow him away as well! And the Royal Navy is deploying gunboats for ‘naval exercises’ of Persia’s coast. Hint! Hint!

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