Media Illustrations

Check out the Media for illustrations about John Nicholson. I am uploading them slowly but I hope you will enjoy them all! Check out the Victorian blogs of John Nicholson of India, John Nicholson Political Officer, and John Nicholson and the Great Mutiny!

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2 Responses to Media Illustrations

  1. Reema says:


    I am researching on the battles and people and places around 1857, and I ran into your posts. They’re very interesting, and almost seem like a work of fiction from the quite modern style of language and dialog. Can you please confirm whether my understanding is correct? If not, would you be kind to share the source of these posts? Was it Mr. Nicholson’s diary or something? It would immensely help me if I were to hear from you on my questions at the email address supplied with this comment.


    • fairawayland says:

      Thanks for enjoying them. It is fiction but I researched over 20 books and over 50 web sites. I tried to recreate what his journals might have sounded like. It is known his Victorian biographer tossed them into the fire so they were offensive to him and therefore would have been interesting to us.

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