About John Nicholson and the Great Mutiny of 1857

The Victorian Blogs of John Nicholson of India continue as he meets the people and confronts the events that lead up to the tragic mutiny, really a civil war that shattered  India during 1857 and 1858.  Destiny drafts him to lead the rescue column to Delhi and then to lead the assault against the rebels trapped in the city. So for good and for bad, John Nicholson enters the history books and becomes both famous and infamous even as he loses his life for a cause  that has become hotly debated since his death.


JEF Rose

3 Responses to About John Nicholson and the Great Mutiny of 1857

  1. tj says:

    Who is JEF Rose?

    • fairawayland says:

      me, I created the site based on the study of over ten books, a dozen governmental reports created after 1857, and almost a hundred web site articles. J E F Rose

  2. tj says:

    Great to meet you Mr Rose and thank you for a riveting read. I had seen a previous message in which you had mentioned the write up was fictional – I tell you what though as a Punjabi ( & I take it you are a pukka Brit/Sahib) it sure sounds like it’s on the money to me. I’m curious as to why though, William Hodson is referred to Hobson? If anyone were to be searching online for him for example your article may not come up?

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