1857: the tragic civil war that wounded two nations: India and Great Britain

1857 started as a misunderstanding which became a dispute which became a mutiny which became a rebellion which became a civil war. 1857  was also  a product of 26 years of plotting by Wahhabists after their first attempt to overthrow the British failed in three jihads waged in 1831. And in fact 1857 dated back to 1818 when the Wahhabi leader in Delhi, Abd Al Aziz o the Madrassa I Ramiyya Delhi, declared India to be Dar ul Harb Land at war with Islam requiring jihad.. So why did a jihad plotted by Wahhabists become the First War of Independence on par with the Fourth of July? That is a long and complex triumph of packaging —- and taquiyya—-

After the 1831 Jihads failed and Wahhabi ‘King Arthur’ ie Syed Ahmad of Bareilly, the protegee of Shah Wali Ullah and the Madrassa I Ramiyya Delhi,  perished in battle  at Balkot  his Wahhabi handlers sold him to the guillable Pathans as the ‘Hidden Imam’ or ‘He is only sleeping’ King Arthur (cynical because Wahhabists hate Sufi saints) to reap money from country bumpkins for city slickers in Patna and Tonk and Bareilly and Delhi. One Pathan suspected something and checked out the ‘Holy Cave’ and found a sheep skin stuffed with hay boasting a wooden head dressed in yak hair. He dragged Mr Yak Head down and dumped the fake before a parade of Pathans handing over gold to Wahhabi city slickers.  Mr  Yak Head both caused 1857 and helped to end 1857. Pathans love nang honor, clan honor, clan feuds, gold, fancy dress,  dancing boys, Pathan language and culture, females, and Islam in pretty much that order. Mr Yak Head triggered Pathan feuds that allied most of the Northwest Pathans against the Rebels alongside the Loyalists ( the enemy of my enemy is my temporary friend). Unfortunately, the Wahhabists tied their 1857 jihad to their 1831 jihad and packaged Mr Yak Head as a mahdi. Their King Arthur. And his mud hovel capital of Sittana was to be Wahhabi Camelot. The Wahhabi Utopia had to be in the Northwest Punjab (to share a common border with another Islamic country which was required in Dar ul Islam). So the Wahhabists alienated the majority of the Pathans in the proposed Wahhabi Pure Land Of Islam  they planned to be their Dar ul Islam in 1857.  Nevertheless, the Jihad of 1857 went on schedule anyway…..

1857 Jihad focused on the Muslim bastions in one quarter of India in the Northeast Punjab.  But the final goal of the Wahhabists was to create Wahhabi Utopia in the Northwest Punjab by Afghanistan with Sittana as their magical  Camelot capital. Dar ul Islam must share at least one border with an Islamic country so it can wage war safely against the unbelievers. Delhi was always damned as corrupt, decadent, infected by Sufi heresy and Hindu najis filth and jahiliyyah pollutions of every haram sort. So Delhi was expendable. Creating Pure Land Of Islam  is expensive and takes money. Delhi was moldering but still had some money. It was not only a holy cow ready to be slaughtered but a cash cow.

1857 was, as  Sir J N Sarkar explained, ‘King Cobra Superstition’s last bite before it’s head was smashed’  One thing all the diverse players among the Rebels shared was reactionary fear of modernization. They were the ‘modernize and die’ mob while the Loyalists were mostly the ‘modernize or die’ crowd. 1857 was a fork in the road. India could head forward to a modern future or go backwards back into Old Hindustan ruled yet against by Muslims but this time not corrupt Mughals but fanatic Wahhabists intend on finishing the ‘unfinished business’ of converting India to Islam or death. Even today Islamic sites rave that India MUST be reconquered along with Spain, the Balkans, any land once dominated by Islam, before the World Caliphate can happen at last.  Hindu reactionaries like the Brahmin sepoys of the Bengal Army and reactionary Brahmins like Nana Sahib and General Tope also were obsessed by the messianic zeal to drag India back into medieval times when they ruled as the god caste of supreme  master rulers of the supreme caste of Aryan Bhat Brahmin, literally gods on earth before whom all others quivered on bent knee doomed by Varna to serve eternally. So 1857 featured two reactionary groups who historically hated each other but united in 1857 to fight a common enemy: The British.

1857 featured Jihad freedom fighters and true believers, many Muslim Islamists, ghazi holy warriors, jihadists raving about paradise and martyrdom, conspicuous Islamic butchers and weavers prepared and armed to slaughter, the pre-planning to open jails and prisons to release every petty robber, thief, rapist, and murderer to incite the breakdown of law and order and the encouragement of copy cat criminals, and reactionaries fed a vegetarian red meat of paranoid conspiracy theories. Town after cantonment fell in orgies of unspeakable violence that appeared to be pre-planned. In sort, pogroms. Pogroms are preplanned bloody riots directed toward a tiny minority who are cast as the scapegoated ‘enemy of the people’ by the pogrom planners  along with purifying violence after a diet of blood libels of outrageous over the top canards to unite the population behind the leaders in time for a specific agenda or event to commence.  The pogrom’s manufacturers recruit people by manipulating  their fears and terrors. They  people think they are protecting or freeing or saving their nation when in fact they are being manipulated by puppet masters.

The 1857 Jihad featured conspirators who were true believers blinded by their absolute conviction they were absolutely right and therefore the ends justify the means.  The 1857  conspiracy started  the moment the 1831 Jihad conspiracy failed. This time the Wahhabists knew they needed to seduce not only poor and ignorant Muslims but enough Hindu over to their jihad to win against the British. 26 years gave them plenty of time to plot and plan so it was surprising how fast MI rolled up the carpet of most of their agent provocateurs  and terrorists the moment the guns went off in May of 1857.  It appeared the Wahhabists focused all of their effort into causing 1857 to happen  but did not follow through with the ways and means to clinch victory, apparently assuming the world caliphate would help, Afghanistan and Persia would send armies along with a Turkish navy, Russia would give money and logistics,  and the entire population of India would raise up, or at least the Punjab would raise up. There was much talk of Britain sinking under the waters like Atlantis and miracles  and ‘Allah willing’ while the British hoped there would not be a crisis in 1857 but planned for a crisis.

1857 Jihad featured cannon fodder in abundance. The Wahhabists incited the poor, the ignorant, and the desperate along with the naive and reactionaries to fight for a cause they did not fully understand. The Rebels thus represented a deceptively diverse cross section of Indians who were often tragically ignorant of the ultimate grand plan of the Wahhabi plotters  or their agenda to deliver India back into Dar ul Islam and to transform India into a Wahhabi Utopia Pure Land of Islam with all jahiliyyah pollution and najis filth sterilized. So many Rebels were fighting for a cause that ultimately would have harmed them. They were manipulated into fighting against their own best interests. So just as Lenin co-opted the Russian Revolution and fanatic Islamists co-opted the Iran Revolution and fanatic Islamists co-opted the Islamic Spring into Islamic Winter for Egypt to Algeria to Morocco to Libya to  Syria  so Islamic fundamentalist Wahhabists planned to co-opt the Indian Revolution. Fanatics tend to be better organized, have pre-existing organizations, are fanatic true believers, and firmly believe in killing any and all for the cause. The naive always play cannon fodder to fanatics.

Maulvi Sarfaraz Alu was the power behind General Bakhat Khan and the key mover behind the passing of the fatwa of Holy Jihad turning the 1857 rebellion into a Holy Jihad to reconquer India and render it not only Dar ul Islam Land of Islam but Pure Land of Islam. India would not only be ruled by Islam but sterilized of all jahiliyyah pollutions of vile Indian corruption and cleansed of all najis filth of kafir disbelief or heresy or hell bound deviation. His Wahhabi goal was not just old Hindustan but a new and improved Wahhabi utopia where the earth was cleansed of  British or Jewish or Hindus or Sikh or Jain or Buddhist and ultimately of Hindu disbelief.  It’s new capital was Sittana in modern day Pakistan.Today the dream of the Wahahbists have come true: Pakistan which is an offshoot of the Deoband Movement which is an offshoot of the 1857 Indian Wahhabi Movement which is an offshoot of the original Saudi Wahhabi Movement — all one continuous chain of fanatic links which today link by link by link connect to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

1857 Jihad in India during the 1857-1858 civil war. Maulvi Sarfaraz Alu of Bareilly was the mullah of Bakht Khan the key general of the Rebel Army. He pushed through a formal declaration of Holy Jihad in Delhi which over a hundred key Wahhabi clerics, imams, and mullahs stamped off on including Maulana Sayyid Nazir Hussain of Delhi. This fatwa officially turned the 1857 rebellion into a Holy Jihad to deliver India back into Dar ul Islam Land of Islam Triumphant. But Wahhabism did not just want old Hindustan back but Pure Land of Islam: India reconquered,  and cleansed of all Jahiliyyah pollutions and najis filth of non Arabic Islamic contagion which did not just include British or Jewish or Western but Indian Hindu or Sikh or Jain or Buddhist defilement.  And anything and anyone who was not Arabic Wahhabi was literally  najis filth or jahiliyyah barbaric pollutions, vile and disgusting and a threat to the Purity of Islam  and the Purity of the Pure Land of Islam the Wahhabists planned to create. This time around the Hindus would have only two choices: convert or die. Payment of jazya to tolerate unbelief and pilgrim taxes to worship a heretic temples  would not be an option. Unlike the corrupt Mughals, the Wahhabists did not intend to let anyone off the hook. Convert or die.

1857 Jihad by the Wahhabists led by Maulana Sayyid Nazir Hussain & Maulvi Sarfaraz Alu of Bareilly

1857 Jihad led by Maulana Sayyid Nazir Hussain & Maulvi Sarfaraz Alu  of Bareilly. Shah Wali Ullah brought Wahhabism to India. the Madrasa Rahimiyya Delhi was the epicenter for Wahhabi fanaticism.  Wahhabism was Arabic centered, and violently hated anything and anybody who was not Arabic and Muslim. The Wahhabi goal was to restore the purity of Islam by exterminating all jahiliyyah barbarity which was anything not of the Koran and burning away all najis filth which included along with every loathsome corruption kafirhood. Anyone who was a kafir or unbeliever, disbeliever, heretic, deviant, pagan shirk, idolator, Jew, and Christian was kafir and therefore najis filth besmirching the purity of Islam or jahiliyyah barbaric pollution staining the purity of Islam.

Wahhabists hate all languages other than Arabic, all histories or cultures or religions not Islam, all art and music and dancing or even chess and kite flying which was damnable,  considered the West and the East and India to be mutually damned and disgusting,  denounced democracy, denied anyone the right to rule except Arabic Muslims, denounced the concept of nationhood outside of the world caliphate, supported dictatorship of caliphate and mullah, only allowed Sharia Law, embraced terrorism against the infidel,  justified taquiyya lying and deceit and guile against the kafir, justified any means to the end,  blessed jihad even against civilians, and believed in genocide. Convert or die were the only options.

When Pax Britannia came to Delhi Abd Al Aziz declared India to be Dar ul Harb land at war with Islam requiring jihad despite freedom of religion. The issue of LOSS OF POWER of Islam. In 1857 the Wahhabists meant to get their power back and then create their Wahhabi Utopia of Pure Land of Islam. Muslims RULE and are no ruled. Muslims DOMINATE and are not dominated. And Wahhabism defined Islam and even had the right to kill any hell bound deviant including Muslims deviating from Islam as defined by Wahhabism.

Tatya Tope  considered the Army of the Peshwa a crusade to not only exterminate the Westerner but all uppity ‘degraded shudra’ who were rebelling. As Western education infiltrated  India the call for an Indian Revolution like the American Revolution  or the French Revolution to deliver human rights and freedom and liberty and happiness for all was  appearing. Tope found that appalling. He backed a revolution to stop modernization and education and freedom and equality and prosperity for all. The Vedas and Brahminism outlawed all of that.

The Vedas enshrined inequality, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, slavery, and persecution of ‘degraded castes’ who were sub-human and ritually bound to serve their Brahmin masters on bent knee eternally with the Untouchables used as scapegoats and religious lepers to keep the ‘degraded shudra’ in line and kowtowing to Brahmins who were literally gods on earth. In the Vedas a Brahmin, no matter how evil, literally could not be touched but a Brahmin could order any inferior sub human caste to be tortured, chopped up, boiling oil poured on them, their thumbs hacked off (for daring to read the Vedas), or murdered even for standing in a public place upwind of a god on earth Brahmin..

The Vedas to Tope did not mean spiritual touchy feely 1960s groovy enlightenment but domination, repression, Aryan Bhat Brahmin godhood on earth, and suffering by everyone else to ‘atone’ for past sins that probably did not even exist except in the minds of the terrified courtesy of Brahminism. A Brahmin could damn any soul to be reborn as a bug and they used that religious power to rule as the Master Race and Master Caste.

Tope saw the West as unraveling historic power of Brahminism and saw the American and French Revolutions appearing in India as frightening. 1857 was the last year to stop it from happening. 12857 was the big opening of the three gigantic universities of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras and as Phule pointed out, education was the best revolution India could enjoy in 1857.  The fact that Scindia of Gwalior actually planned to create the Scindia School and was reputed to have links to Phule who was organizing  the Maratha of the Decca to overthrow Brahminism made Scindia a target for Tope’s personal hatred.
Tope also considered Scindia to be a shudra slipper bearer or horse keeper ie shudra or inferior caste (along with fellow shudra Holkar and the Gaikwad who originated as tenders of cows and sheep) . But in 1857 Scindia was a 21 gun top peer of the realm and the Brahmin Peshwa was defunct, a court in exile, a farce, scorned by the Maratha shudra that Tope loathed and despised. And an ancestor of Scindia, a previous Scindia, had helped drive the corrupt and morally depraved last Peshwa into exile. For a mere ‘degraded shudra’ to drive out the Brahmin Peshwa who used to claim to be military dictators of the Maratha People was heresy. It was revolution.

Tope meant to crush Scindia of Gwalior and shove the Vedas blessing the ritual genocide of the degraded shudra of India down Scindia’s throat. Tope meant to personally reenact the ritual genocide, the Dasavatara of the Parashurama  of the Laws of Mamu of the N Bhoodevata declaring Aryan Bhat Brahmins gods on earth and everyone else else degraded inferiors before murdering Scindia of Gwalior.  So Tope joined the Wahhahbi conspiracy so a Muslim Army of the Peshwa plus Oudh recruited Brahmin sepoys of the Bengal Army could help Tope reconquer and ritually degrade the Maratha People in general and Scindia of Gwalior in particular.

Nana Sahib was the adopted son of Baji Rao II of whom a popular song in Pune went ‘We emptied the well/ and drained the land dry/ to grow a tree of thorns/ ‘running’ Baji Rao. The last man to legally use the title Peshwa which was the military dictatorship of the Maratha War Machine was loathed before and after he betrayed the Maratha and sold out to the British. ‘Only someone perversely gifted could have succeeded in squandering so vast an inheritance in so short  a time or disgraced a noble name so thoughily. He was mean., cruel, vindictive, avaricious…..” and that was written by Manohar Malgonkar. The British called him a ferret. Scindia and Holkar threw him out of the Maratha War Machine. He sold the title to the British for a safe exile outside of the Decca and a debased title of ‘rajah’ plus a lifetime only stipend of a million pounds a year which back then was an obscenely gigantic amount of money. It allowed him to build a gigantic palace and court of exile and become one of the richest men in the world.

When he fled into exile a traveling ghost called Narain Rao went along with him to haunt his expensive new palace as her own personal harbinger of doom. No Brahminic rites could drive the traveling ghost away because the ghost haunted the title Peshwa which meant the title Peshwa was haunted which meant Baji Rao II was cursed because he secretly continued to use the title he officially SOLD to the British.

Likewise, Nana Sahib claimed the haunted title and cavalierly ignored the ghost warning of the Fall of the House of the Peshwa in fire and ash to utter ruin. He sent Azimullah Khan to London to petition Queen Victoria to restore the military title of dictatorship of the Maratha War Machine plus a million pound a year stipend  (in a world where 50 pounds a year was a common income in the UK and   30 rupees a year was a wished income in India). For some reason the British declined to give Nana Sahib the title or money. This was a blow  to Nana Sahib because he had already bought his rich coronation garb and wanted his 21 gun salute to place him alongside the top peers of India including Hyderabad, Mysore, Baroda, and Gwalior.

The Peshwa was originally a Brahmin secretary of state function of Brahmins in the Decca to Shivaji The Great. The Brahmins turned the elected 5-8 year post into a military dictatorship of the Maratha War Machine and the Maratha Nation (declared degraded shudra).  The Brahmins did thus by insulting Shivaji The Great (with a Brahminic big toe no less which in India was unspeakably insulting) and then betraying him and his scion.Shivaji  created the Maratha War Machine to free the Maratha people from tyrants be they Aurangzeb the Terrible or Brahminic. On his death Brahmins used religion to conquer the Maratha just as the Muslims were using religion to reconquer the Maratha.

Nana Sahib was a proud Brahmin who considered it a profound insult he was exiled from Decca when he felt he should be ruling the Decca and commanding the degraded shudra in general , and the degraded shudra in particular who happened to be the Rajah of Baroda and Gwalior, 21 gun. Neither rajah  or the Maratha chose to kowtow to his Brahminic godhood. Nana Sahib wanted his 21 gun salute and he wanted to demote Gwalior and Baroda down to degraded shudra.  To Nana Sahib only the Brahmin Peshwa was entitled 21 guns Peer of the Realm.

So Nana Sahib let his Muslim handler Azimullah Khan persuade him to join the Rebel cause despite the fact he knew absolutely nothing about the cause. Thus, Nana Sahib became a fat fig leaf concealing the Wahhabi face of the rebellion. All for a 21 gun salute and in Brahminic revenge on degraded shudra. Later in 1857 Muslim Rebels introduced Nana Sahib to his Muslim replacement Nani Nawab after he actually tried to rule instead of serving as a fat fig leaf concealing the Wahhabi face of 1857 Jihad.

Later his kin Raosahib took the title and the traveling ghost to Gwalior as General Tope, another proud Brahmin, prepared to personally destroy Scindia of Gwalior for daring to claim a  21 gun salute despite being (to Brahmins) degraded shudra as well as for his kin’s role in exiling the Brahmins of the disgraced Peshwa.

Azimullah Khan was a key architect of the uprising which turned into a civil war when neutral power players in India decided Wahhabists were planning to co-opt the rebellion into a jihad to impose a violent and extreme Wahhabi utopia a la Taliban.Once the paper mask of ‘Freedom Fighter’ and ‘Liberator’  was pealed off the real face of 1857 Jihad was exposed. What was remarkable was how few top peers of the realm were fooled.

Even the Nizam of Hyderabad,  a Sufi Muslim, was never fooled at all. The Hindu princes of India knew Wahhabists dangled fake Nana Sahibs and Rani of Jhansis but behind the farce Wahhabism totally opposed any and all Hindus ruling Muslims. Muslims rule. They are not ruled. Muslims dominate. They are not dominated.  Wahhabism clearly said neither kafir or shirk (pagan Hindus) could rule and must be killed if they persist in refusing to convert. If Pax Britannia was under attack despite offering freedom of religion because it was not Islamic then how long would be before each and every Hindu principality was attacked for exactly the same reason? Fanatic ideology by Wahahbism does not admit rational sharing of power by hell bound deviants. Emperor Zafar: “By Allah’s grace Kafir and Shirk (Hindus) have been purged from Hindustan and Islam has been established”  in a firman imperial degree which also blessed the imposing of Sharia Law. Alas he was  outside the loop of the Maulana Sayyid Nazir Hussain of Delhi who was stamping a degree ordering the next caliph of India to be only Arabic Quraysh Wahhabi

Azimullah Khan was Cawnpore’s Charity Boy, abandoned by his father, his mother forced to beg for charity at Christian missions. The Wheelers payed for his education and introduced him to Nana Sahib. The bitter young man used Nana Sahib to contact other key Wahhabi players to build the alliance and plan the rebellion. Like Uriah Heep in David Copperfield, he craved revenge of everyone who ever called him ‘Charity Boy’ especially as he was not good enough for either of Wheeler’s two pretty Anglo Indian daughters. Cawnpore under Azimullah Khan featured the most shocking massacres in all of 1857. it was not just one massacre but massacre after massacre, ghat massacres, boat massacres, individual ‘fox hunts’ of lone kafirs who even if female were shockingly murdered after watching their little children being  murdered, courtyard massacres, only climaxing in the now infamous well massacre of women and children chopped up ‘like radishes’. The massacres did not just feature whites either. Loyalist soldiers who were native were massacred. Musicians were massacred. (Against Wahhabi Islam). Professionals were massacred. (Western anything was haram in Wahahbi Utopia). Unarmed civilians of every type were massacred.  A boat of refugees was ordered ashore by cannons so  refugees could be tortured and butchered. People were tortured before being executed by a single bullet through the brain. And it went on and on and on…..ears and noses being hacked off to form necklaces being just the frosting on the cake.

Azimullah Khan was the Jack the Ripper of India but today Indians denying any massacre even happened except perhaps the well and then only whites and they deserved it….. and a statue of General Tope towers over one of the massacre sites in proud triumph. Tope was the guy allowing the massacres and assisting in the massacres and chopping off ears and noses by the way. Tope later died after Rajputs turned him over to the British after he hacked off Rajput noses and ears…… But officially Indian history denies that as well.

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