The Mughal Royal Family of the Red Fort

The Red Fort of Delhi was the imperal palace of the Mughals. Shah Jahan entertained the Persian Ambassador the first year of his ascent to the throne and was muffed when the Persian slyly hinted he thought it was tattty of the Mughals to loot a Rajput Fort why back at the beginning of the conquest of India by Islam and never upgrade it.  The Rajput Fort still had Hindu symbols and Rajput bric-a-brac decor including a Ganash Elephant Gate  and crossed swords that Shah Jahan desperately claimed to the Persian was an Islamic crescent when it was obviously Rajput tulwars. So Shah Jahan spent millions installing solid silver ceilings and gem studded paster walls and vulgar riches of every sort while engraving his name all over it and claiming  he created it despite the fact Mughal histories clearly said the Red Fort existed when the first Muslim invaders captured it from the Rajputs. Today Indian history still repeats the lies of Shah Jahan despite the clear illogic. Ditto Agra. Ditto other obviously Rajput created masterpieces…..

Emperor Zafar was obsolete before he was senile. The Maratha and the Rajputs never commenced a coup when they had a chance. The British likewise chose to let him dangle. It seemed easier to let Zafar fade away rather than remove him in order to placate the Muslims of the Punjab who saw him as their last remaining symbol of Mughal Greatness. Zafar was a heretic according to the Wahhabists. He alternated between Shia and Sufi which was deemed heretic. His servants did his bowing and praying for him.  Wahhabism scared him. And the Wahhabists were scary.They openly sneered Zafar as both a heretic (death) and a muddy blood  mongrel Mughal. They openly said their caliph would have to be a pure blood Arabic Ashraf Wahhabist. Zafar was 3/4th Rajput, mostly Jaipur. Wahhabists were notorious racists. Zafar’s fateful decision that May day in 1857 would damn him and damn Delhi but he probably had no choice. Douglas knew that the princes, all scheming to be crowned emperor by the Wahhabists, knew two weeks ahead of time that something was going to happen. Meerut was premature but plans were already set for a civil war. India’s King Lear would rave all but naked as the hail of shells instead of stormy rain pelted him as his kindred fought among themselves for control of his non existent kingdom.

Emperor Zafar in 1857 was a faded man drifting into senility. Aurangzeb’s scion inherited a ruined country made bankrupt by the Mughals. A century of wars in the 8th century ravished India while reducing the Red Fort to a cipher. The sacking of Delhi by the Shah of Persia left the Red Fort bankrupt. Zafar as a small boy watched the Shah laugh as his grandfather was blinded and his father was made to dance like a monkey. Zafar never recovered.  The British paid Zafar a million pound stipend to front for the EIC and he mismanaged the money so badly the Royal Poor begged on the streets of Delhi. Captain Douglas staged pomp to allow the fading ghost of the Red Fort to pretend he was emperor. Sir Metcalfe paid many of his bills. But destiny forced living ghost into the spotlight to star as King Lear of India.

Mirza Abu Bakr was the badmash grandson of Emperor Zafar. Most of the Mughal Royal Family knew two weeks before the premature mutiny at Meerut that something big was going down and they meant to cash in on it. The Wahhabists promised each royal prince they would be crowned if the rebellion won while saying internally that they meant to create a pure blood Arabic Ashraf Wahahbist caliph to rule their new Dar ul Islam Hindustan. This prince spent most of the siege of Delhi looting alongside sowar cavalrymen when he was not running away from battles.


Mirza Iiahe Bakhsh was the very bitter father in law to the Royal Family. His beloved daughter and son in law (the elder son of Zafar) perished under mysterious circumstances. It was widely known the Red Queen of the Red Fort openly plotted to poison every older son of Zafar to put her son on the Peacock Throne (which was now a tatty divan) and she was a famous poisoner.  Zafar made no attempt to stop her diverse plots and poisons. The bitter man , a bony Indian version of Cassius, vowed to bring down the Royal Family of the Red Fort in revenge.  Tragically, if the beautiful young royals had lived and been appointed regents they might have led the Red Fort into a new era as shining progressives.  Also tragically, the surviving oldest son of Zafar was now Mirza Mughal and he knew he was next to be murdered.

Mirza Jawan Bakht was the youngest son of Zafar and the Red Queen of the Red Fort. He wa spoiled badmash who spent the siege of Delhi looting as his mommy plotted with any and all (Rebel and British at the same time)l to put him on the throne (presumably after dispatching Zafar). It never occurred to the prince he would never be emperor of India.  Zafar hocked the few remaining royal jewels to pay for an expensive pomp and circumstance parade/marriage/ pre-crowning of the prince as the heir  apparent with Sir Metcalfe further picking up the tab despite his opposition. Metcalfe and five other key Britishers were poisoned by the Red Queen  over the badmash’s promotion to heir apparent which brought about the crisis of 1857.

Mirza Khizr Sultan was another spoiled royal badmash who spent the siege of Delhi writing bad poetry, looting with sowar cavalrymen, and running away from battles.  His attitude was I got mine f—- you. He saw Delhi as an opportunity to get rich which he felt was his  entitlement being royal (but alas poor). Since the Shah of Persia sacked Delhi and the Red Fort and hauled away billions in royal loot plus the biggest diamond in the world, the Koh I Koor Diamond, plus the Peacock Throne, the Mughal Royal Family was bankrupt, living off a million pound a year British stipend which back then was a huge amount of money. But the Mughals were used to squandering between 1/3 and 1/2 of the Indian GNP so a mere million pound stipend was shockingly little to live on.  The Royal Poor used to threaten to go out into Delhi and  beg if Sir Metcalfe did not pay the Royals more money. This royal badmash assumed he would be the next emperor but he was played by the Wahhabists who considered the Mughal Royal Family badmash racially if not morally —- 3/4 Rajput and therefore muddy blood  and no longer pure Arabic Ashraf. The next caliph was actually going to be a brand new pure blood Wahhabist and the entire Mughal Royal Family was going to be dumped into the rubbish. It was not known how. Did the Wahhabists plan a Russian Revolution style mass execution?  No one knows because Delhi fell to the Loyalists. The Red Queen negotiated with the British to save herself and her darling son. Zafar tagged along unwanted with the Red Queen.  The other royal badmash was expendable……

Mirza Mughal was the oldest surviving son of Zafar but employed a food taster knowing the Red Queen of the Red Fort was plotting his demise. Surviving pictures reveal remarkably ‘uneasy’ eyes of an insecure royal who never enjoyed the support or love of his father while the Red Queen openly plotted against him. The British supported his claim to the throne as the oldest son  (if he survived) yet he felt obligated to hate the British for reducing the Mughals to a dangling farce. He could not emotionally or religiously hate the Shah of Persia for bankrupting them or Aurangzeb The Terrible for wreaking India and leaving his scion scorned and hated or his  great grandfather and grandfather for being humiliated by the Shah during the sacking of the Red Fort or the resulting bankruptcy that reduced the Royal Family to nonentity status before the British even arrived in Delhi.  He could not hate his father for emotionally abandoning him or giving the Red Queen of the Red Fort carte blanche to poison and plot. So he hated the British kafirs and the devious Jews and the uppity Bengalis and the warlike Sikhs and the disrespectful Maratha or the threatening Jats instead. He was seduced by the Wahhabists and was in the plan for the takeover of Delhi even before the premature mutiny in Meerut. He rationalized the shockingly bloody polgrom of Delhi as means to an end. What end? He perhaps naively hoped for an Indian version of the American Revolution  or an Delhi Spring but quickly realized the Wahhabists planned another scenario entirely. He spent the siege of Delhi desperately fighitng off Bakht Khan reducing a quasi constitutional (but all Muslim) council turn into a military junta ruled by Bakht Khan  which pushed out any real feedback by civilians or even royals. He know militarily speaking that Bakht Khan could not win Delhi once John Nicholson arrived but was powerless to negotiate a surrender that might have saved Delhi. The other royals openly negotiated their lives without hesitation while Delhi faced destruction.  Mirza Mughal to his credit knew the royals deserved to die if their carelessness doomed Delhi.

Mirza Mughal realized he had been played by the Wahhabists who needed royal figleaves  to  cover their highjacking of the so-called revolution for freedom. If Zafar was the Indian King Lear drifting in and out of senility and opium dreams of delusions then he was the ‘King’s Fool’  ‘When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools’ and he knew no less than his father that ”Thou should not have been old til thou hadst been wise’.

Mirza Mughal cast aside his royal folly and mad delusions as his father raved and strutted  delusional to greet his doom with tragic heroism which no other royal could or would display as Delhi fell into fire and destruction.  He know the British would need Zafar and the loathed and hated Red Queen and her noxious son but he and the other royal princes were expendable.  It is reputed  that Hobson whispered ‘Goodbye Bonnie Prince Charlie’ to Mirza Mughal just before he executed him in a set up of a Sikh  prophecy at the Red Gate where a famous Sikh guru was savagely tortured and murdered by Mughals.

Mirza Mughal  compared himself to Faustus who sold his soul to the devil as well as Lear’s Fool. A Tragic hero both causes his ruin and  yet at the same time endures the horror of the ruin he has wrought with such dignity he  is nevertheless to be admired. Mirza Mughal  could be seen as a tragic hero. He craved ‘respect’ having come from a tragic history that made India into a ‘wounded civilization’ and unleashed the  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in his tragic pursuit of ‘respect’. Yet greeted his destruction with tragedy which is a  Western obsession as ‘Respect’ is an Eastern obsession.

7 Responses to The Mughal Royal Family of the Red Fort

  1. Bunto Farhad Mirza says:

    Wow awesome blog!

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  3. Abhijit says:

    You wrote :”Mughal histories clearly said the Red Fort existed when the first Muslim invaders captured it from the Rajputs”. Could you please name any source /books, etc to support this claim. The Red fort was indeed built by ShahJahan. The Hindu & Rajput motifs, which you mention were used decidedly by the Emperor. Haven’t you heard of anything called Indo-Isalamic Architecture? It was the fusion of Islamic style with the existing Hindu style, thus the many Hindu/Rajasthani architectural components. Get your facts correct before writing away your fancy.

    • fairawayland says:

      quotes of the ambassador of Persia to Mughal India during rule of Shahjahn report that the sly Shia Persian saw Hindu decor and teased the arrogant and boasting young Sunni Mughal about it. He teased the Mughal about the shabby and rundown nature of the ‘old fortress’ he inherited. The insecure new emperor responded by ordering an expensive upgrade of the Red Fortress. Also history proves Mughals routinely confiscated many fortresses from the Rajputs as well as demolishing Jain and Hindu temples and using the stones to build mosques (hence the delhi mosques with Jain columns ) when they were not destroying Jain and Hindu temples. History of conquest of Muslim conquering imperialists throughout Europe, Levant, India, and Asia indicate a routine confiscating of assets of the indigenous people they conquered. In another reply I listed some 100 temples and churches confiscated by Muslim imperial conquerors throughout the world. Please look it up. This proven pattern of confiscating the assets and properties of the conquered and the memoirs of this Persian ambassador to Delhi along with descriptions of retrofitted decor clearly added by Shahjahan prove he confiscated and retrofited and upgraded properties of his hated Rajput in-laws to rub their faces in the humiliation of their subjugation. jef

  4. please quote sources..

    • fairawayland says:

      The post 1857 governmental reports. modern economic reports. over 30 youtube historians and research bloggers and internet sites.too many to list here. I stored the bulk of the material away five years ago. The 1857 Jihad by Prof Sheshrao B More. The last Mughal by William Dalrymple. Hindu Manners, customs, and ceremonies by Abbe Dubois. The Begums of Bhopal. The Indian Mutiny by Julian Spilsbury. Sabibs by Richard Holmes. Soldier Sahibs by Charles Allen. The Great Mutiny of 1857 by Osprey Press (military books). Historians like Nial Ferguson, Bernard Lewis, Robert Reilly, economists, experts in the Great Divergence rise of the industrial West, military researchers on weaponry, Stefan Molyneux who does great factional youtube videos as a historic debunker of historic myths.

      Prof More’s book and Dalrymple’s book are the best. both use 1856-1858 sources by all sides of the civil war, loyalist, rebel, neutral. The bollywood movies are poorly researched. the hollywood movies are just as badly researched. both are emotional propaganda. it is a shame there is not a Ken Burns Civil War approach to what is absolutely a civil war. India in 1857 was absolutely torn in twain just like the American civil war. including the scars that fester to this day. I dramatized the blogs of Nicholson based on the best research I could find. the site background articles are the best research I could find. Yes I view it as an American in the context of a familiar civil war. frankly that is I feel the correct interpretation. civil war.

      Both the 1857 jihad and the last mughal, based on actual sources, prove that besides the civil war with Indian against Indian and even Britisher against Britisher (including half brother against half brother) there is a decided Wahhabi Deobandi angle of radical Islam. The Wahhabists who manufactured the civil war later simply changed their name to Deobandi which is linked to Al Quiada and Taliban and other radical Islamic groups to this day including terrorists waging war in India plus radical Pakistani groups.

      More’s research (he is Anglo Indian I believe) debunks huge amount of myths like the Enfield rifle bunkum. Especially the More discovery that a radical Muslim agent provocateur was manufacturing the Bombay Army mini mutiny in Barrackpore which General Hearsay masterfully neutralized (the Brahmin mutineers were sadly fired and they never joined the later 1857 mutiny out of respect for their General whom they loved and trusted while saying they had been lied to, manipulated, and exploited by the agent provocateur). Merrut was the same pattern but with incompetent British generals so it succeeded.

      This same radical Muslim agent provocateur also was proven to be manipulating the PTSD unstable Hindu who triggered the Barrackpore mini mutiny and later spawn a historically botched bollywood film. This unstable soldier obviously suffered from what today would be obvious PTSD which is why Hearsay tried to save his life. the trial which condemned him to hang was manned not by Brits but his fellow Bombay Indian soldiers. getting drunk, high, raving, waving his gun, screaming that he was about to execute a mysterious plot to unseat the British and restore ISLAMIC RULE clearly indicated what in the USA is called ‘Suicide by Cop’. He wanted the MPs to kill him. when they refused and Hearsay charged him on his horse he turned the gun on himself but botched his suicide. he could not kill a very popular general much beloved by the rank and file with two bibi in his bungalow who loved India and its languages and culture as much as his own.

      the point was this Muslim radical was obviously grooming this PTSD Hindu soldier to assassinate Hearsay because he was popular, competent, in charge of the Dum Dum Armory, overseeing the Enfield introduction, and was the George Marshall of the era. it was George Marshall who won WW II. his minions were famous generals who worked UNDER him. ditto Hearsay who mastermined the loyalist campaign. mass producing enfield and baker rifles, tons of bullets, logistics, tons of food, tons of everything a modern army needed, restored telegraphic mass communication for the loyalist side, blocked ports for Russians to try to enter, stopped the Frontier passes for the Russians to enter, and masterminding control of Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta. for the rebels to win Hearsay absolutely HAD TO BE ASSASSINATED.

      the failure to assassinate Hearsay as well as the modern enfield and baker rifles doomed the rebels. modern gunnery vs old muskets was the kiss of military death. so was the fact the rebels had no munitions other than stealing which they also frittered away by the time of the Siege of Delhi and Lucknow. literally they were running out of gunpowder and bullets and artillery shells. Hearsay could produce tons for the loyalists. It was just like Dixie trying to fight the industrial North. heroism without modern industrial might cannot win if the war is not a blitzkreig.

      The 1857 Jihad and The Last Mughal also used 1856-1857 sources to prove the Muslim organizers were radical Wahhabists just like today’s terrorists. They were imposing jiyza and attacking Hindu temples and Kafir and Shirk peasants as well as rich Hindu shops and businessmen (including blowing from cannon) before they even won the war to impose their self proclaimed Dar ur Islamic rule of Hindustan. That is why the civil war ultimately could not expand beyond the traditional Muslim strongholds.

      What is amazing are More discovered quotes of 1857 Hindu Calcutta Newspapers screaming for the Brits to get their act together to save them from the feared Muslim Wahhabists! The 1950 liberation from Britain was too much into the future. the bloody conquest of India by Islam was too fresh. Revisionism is not valid in history despite bollywood films which I made myself watch though Mughal e Azam is incredibly beautiful and its sound track is glorious. Facts simply disprove the bollywood myths.

      military reports done by Hearsay throughout the development of the enfield for India prove he never ever allowed any haram taboo grease and indeed delayed development to prove over and over and over that there was not haram taboo anything whatsoever in the enfield gun or cartridge (including Hindu scientists with microscopes) which backfired and only appeared to prove the urban myth rumors spread by the Wahhabists to stampede the poorly educated Bombay Hindu soldiers. also the enfield was revolutionary technology which the ordinary Bombay soldier feared being unable to master. hence the phobia which became a rumor of haram and taboo. ditto the high technology of the modern horse artillery which destroyed the older cannon of the rebels.

      also the rebels knew Hearsay was slowly modernizing the armies and that would make them redundant. obsolete. they were antiquated mercenaries who feared modernization the same way industrial workers today fear robotics. it was better to go out with a bang than be slowly made redundant when they had nothing else to fall back on.

      Hearsay’s own Indian regiments including the one he was forced to disband NEVER JOINED THE MUTINY. Hearsay was absolutely too competent to be allowed to live. the Rebels knew that. why was Hearsay allowed to live? because the assassin being groomed to kill him panicked and turned the gun on himself instead.

      likewise More found facts that proved that the glamorous Rani was being both held captive and manipulated by Wahhabists who surrounded her including her all Muslim bodyguard. When she turned the Gwalior soldiers they all wept and shouted Allah u Akbar and chanted Islamic prayers around her. Translation: she turned the Muslims of Gwalior. Not the loyal Hindu and Sikh citizens of Gwalior who cheered their liberation by their Shiva worshiping Raj. she was reduced to a puppet for Wahhabists and every color of Muslim warrior plus the few surviving Bombay Hindu mutineers trapped by their actions into fighting as ‘accomplices for jihad’. an insane situation for any Hindu to be found in considering the the fact Islamic conquest of India resulted in the death and rape and slavery of over 50 – 100 million Hindus.

      the last mughal also dissects the siege of delhi with painful detail which debunks the myths assumed to be facts by today’s Indians. the hubris of the Wahhabists holding a religious conference to bless jihad as they blundered horribly while raping and looting and killing innocent Hindus while botching the military campaign is embarrassing but an awful truth. I dramatized it was a tragedy in my fictionalized blogs of Nicholson. but is was a terrible tragedy. a horrible tragedy. I suggest you read both books for yourself to get a highly detailed revision of politically incorrect history. the rebels be they Dixie or Indian are tragic because ultimately they were misled by fanatics behind the scenes into sacrificing their lives for lies. Lincoln died for the sins of Dixie. Nicholson died for the lies of the Wahhabists. jef

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