-Illustrations Rebel Army

General Tatya Tope was one of the few Brahmin Hindus who joined the Rebels to provide a needful front of solidarity to a jihad. He was one of only four famous Hindus to join the Rebels in fact. Gosh! So why does four famous faces paint 1857 as a unified war  against the British? Especially as the Loyalist Army was 3/4s Indian? Gosh! But don’t let pesky facts confuse the narrative!  When the Wahhabists suddenly started calling the Hindu sepoys ‘Accessories of Jihad’ or ‘Accomplices of Jihad’ Tope had no problem with it. Ditto green flags of jihad. Ditto imams and mullahs leading prayers of victory for Islam and cries of ‘Islam ka Bolbala’ which normally scared the hibigeebies out of Hindus. That cry was usually cried just before Hindus were butchered by Muslims. Tope did not have a problem with that.   Tope did not have a problem with a Muslim aide de camp named Muhammad Ishaq who commanded the army FOR him. This Muslim Wahhabist ran the Army of the Peshwa which featured mostly (as Tope himself said) Heroic Panthani plus heroic Afghans and heroic Arabs and Heroic Ghazi Holy Warriors and heroic Jihadists plus the less than heroic Brahmin sepoys of the Oudh recruited Bengal Army and Gwalior Contingent of the Bengal Army. Tope himself complained the Bengal Army Brahmins kept running away. Tope went record sneering the cowardly Brahmins and praising the heroic Muslims. Please note that. And Tope had no problem with an Army of the Peshwa to reconquer the Maratha Decca boasting 99% no Marathas. Tope had no problem with that. And Tope saw no paradox in any of these obvious paradoxes. Tope ended his life when Rajputs turned him over to the British after he commenced beheading Rajputs and slicing off Rajput noses and ears. Apparently Tope had no problem with that but the Rajputs did. how irrational of the Rajputs!

Tope violently hated the British and along with  Rao Tula Ram declared the need to ‘cleanse the earth of India’ of the pollution of the foreigner. .Why? He violently opposed Western technology. he violently hate Western education Like all reactionary Brahmins he considered anyone except Brahmins learning to read and write immoral and illegal. In 1857 three universities were opening up — the final pieces in the puzzle of modern education. Way too many Untouchables and Lower Castes along with Bengalis were taking advantage of it. In fact the Bombay and Madras Armies offered free education to its soldiers and their families. This was intolerable. Tope also hated Western social reforms (co-written by Roy who was Hindu) outlawing suttee widow burning, baby girl murder, child marriage of 6 year old girls to old men, widow persecution, reforms of persecution of Untouchables and weakening of the policing of caste which were all introduced into India by the Aryan Bhat Brahmins and blessed by the Vedas. Tope was a proud reactionary. What he hated about the British was the fact they were inciting progressive reforms he hated.

The threat of  reforms being pushed through the by British (because of Roy and other Indian Progressives and also Phule) was a threat to Brahmins or to be more exact Brahminism. The Brahmins policed the  caste system and exacted violent punishment for anyone daring to violate caste. Caste put the Brahmins on top. The Master Caste of literally gods on earth. Caste gave the Brahmins total power in this life and courtesy of their ability to curse people, the next life. Defy me and I will make sure you are reincarnated as a bug!  But  caste  led to huge sufferings and abuse which  rendered a large chunk of the population of India into serfs or slaves of Brahmins,, literally ‘feet of Brahmins; condemned to toil solely to provide for the upkeep and wealth of  divine gods on earth Brahmins. All the while caste denied humanity, human rights, or even the right to be ‘happy’. Caste made Untouchables literally sub human. And Tope saw no problem with this —- but he saw a big problem if reformers and liberals overthrew the power of Brahminism.

Reforms of Hinduism and or repealing of abusive Brahminism advocated by Roy and  Phule terrified Tope and his reactionary clique. And Phule was a product of Western style education.  Phule was very much on the radar of Tope and Phule was scaring Tope the way any revolutionary might scare any reactionary.  Tope firmly believed in ‘Modernize and die’. He cut off noses and ears of anyone who opposed his purifying war against progress and reform. Tope saw the war of 1857 as the last gasp chance to stop reform. Stop Phule and every other reformer. Stop modernization in its tracks.

If every Brit and Westerner and anyone corrupted  by exposure to the corrupting  West were exterminated then everything would magically be just fine. Clearly Phule was a fiendish byproduct of evil Westernized modernizing influence. The West was encouraging a revolution that could overthrow Brahminism. If Tope would behead the West then he could behead Phule and other Indian reformers. Then everyone would be fine again. Fine that is for Brahmins. But once the dreaded universities opened and Phule and other radical shudra demanded an Indian style  Revolution against not only reactionary Islam but reactionary Hinduism then Aryan Bhat Brahmins might see a French Style Revolution with Brahmins performing as the aristocrats at the guillotine.

And indeed Calcutta reformers inspired not by the Vedas but Western Bill of Rights and French placards and the Magna Carta were starting to not only complain about the injustice of Islam but the injustice of Brahminism. Soon Phule would be joined by B R Ambedkar.  Guess who was the kid in the army school being educated? Yeap! Him! The incarnation of the danger of education! How long could the Brahmin elite continue to expect to rule as literally gods on earth if lowly castes or even Dalits rebelled? And as Phule and then Ambedkar said, the best way to rebel was through education. Western Education. Tope had to act fast! 1857 was the last chance to stop a revolution in its tracks!

Rebels being blown by cannon by Orlando Norie, a Victorian artist. His water color is sympathetic to the Rebels but he is correct in the details. The Indian history books prefer an Indian painted ‘blowing from guns’ featuring  a 50 heroic Rebels being savagely murdered by Brits in shiny white tropic helmets and red tunics in a savage example of savage British infamy courtesy of that fiendish invention by the British of blowing by cannon! In fact the  Loyalists wore dirt or grime or khaki or native dress and mostly turbans. The tropic helmets were just appearing. Most of the Loyalists were Indian. 3/4s in fact. And blowing by cannon was a Mughal invention to damn the soul of either Muslim or Hindu. The British usually used Indian protocols and so used blowing from cannon because they always tried to use Indian protocols and customs. Queen Victoria realized the ritual damnation and she ordered a halt. So did Canning. Then the British decided to use hanging or firing squads for mutiny or treason which is Western and not Indian. Death by execution for treason —- which the Rebels certainly committed. A rebellion or revolution that fails is treason or mutiny. All over the world treason and mutiny required death. And the final irony is that Canning then offered amnesty!

Canning was damned for  his order to give amnesty for mutiny and treason especially as the Rebels engaged in massacres  and terror against civilians. Imagine if the Twin Towers killers were offered amnesty. But Canning ended up offering amnesty and lots of defeated Rebels applied for it! Yeap! Applied for amnesty! and lots got it! Wow! so much for that famous oil painting of the finish Brits! The British hung  rebels after trials until the order for amnesty came. The native born Loyalists killed Rebels on sight. trials and amnesty was British. Indian Loyalists used Indian blood for blood. no mercy.  So did the Rebels who killed Loyalists without mercy. Neither side showed mercy. It was Victoria and Canning who put the brakes on the bloodbath. Not the Rebels who boasted how they chopped Loyalists up ‘like radishes’. But the Loyalists tried not to attack civilians unless the civilians were linked to massacres or slaughter of Loyalists. The Rebels made no distinction between soldiers and civilians whatsoever.

Blowing by cannon took an odd twist as Rebels used blowing from cannon to extort money from Hindu bankers and merchants and bazaar shop owners. They mostly threatened and it is unknown how many Hindus actually died thus. But Mirza Mughal in Delhi arrested every Hindu with wealth in Delhi and held them  in a durbar where he announced they would be blown from cannon if they did not hand over their money to finance the Rebellion. He backed down when every single Hindu refused to hand over money. Then he arrested them instead.

Urban warfare in Delhi by a Victorian painter called Orlando Norie. The urban warfare in Delhi was a meatgrinder battle that destroyed Delhi as the soldiers fought in the streets and alleys and roofs and along the walls. Some  battles were literally room by room. Ambushes were everywhere.  It was brutal and nasty and ugly.  It was not war on the battlefield between soldiers in uniforms. Rather it was  vicious and entangled civilians and featured civilians (Muslim civilians). Civilians in bullet proof fatwas and cheap tin keys to paradise fought field artillery and Enfield rifles in the streets of Delhi while mostly Hindu civilians fled under fire from the guns of everyone. The Bridge of Boats was ordered to stay open by Nicholson to aid civilian retreat. The nearer gates controlled by the Loyalists also allowed retreat by civilian women and children and boys under ten (assuming they were not armed soldiers). The Loyalists were less than four thousand against 30,000 Bengal Army Rebels and 30,000 ghazi holy warriors  and civilian jihadists (with Dalrymple documented in his book ‘Last Mughal’).So the urban war was one hell of an ugly and vicious war for both sides. But the fighting by civilians and the waging of war inside of a crowded city meant a lot of innocent civilians were killed in the meatgrinder of war.

Neither side took prisoners. Many civilians found themselves used as human shields by the Rebels or else were assumed to be the enemy by the Loyalists who fought civilian jihadists for a week of savage religious war.  It climaxed with 3,000 Muslim civilians attacking urban cannon and Enfields inspired by a ravings  of a mullah and the empty royal palanquin.  It ended in a massacre of rich Muslims by battle fatigued Crimea Vets  who were probably suffering from battle fatigue and PTSD from being redeployed from one meatgrinder war to another meatgrinder war without time to recover. The Crimea officers were working in tandem (the usual Corp of Guides policy) with NCO Indian officers. But many of those Indian Loyalists proved to be the most savage in their lust for revenge. The Delphi massacre featured NCOs and regiments of angry Northwest Frontier Pathans who wanted Delhi and it’s city slickers destroyed (over a loss of nang honor and a blood feud). The shocking thing was the Northwest Pathans massacred elite Delhi Muslims. Northwest Pathans were Muslims too.  Neither side showed mercy or took prisoners. The massacre occurred after a week of meatgrinder battle when a rogue sniper shot a Brit and Pathan NCO from some window of some house. The rest was tragedy.

When the Loyalists ‘won’ the savage battle they killed every Rebel they caught until the British were able to get enough military police on the ground to stop it. That took a while. But unlike the Rebels, the Loyalists did impose military law and order, stopped looting, stopped assaults on civilians (they had an order to not harm women and children), and they held trials before hanging. The Rebels never bothered doing that at all. And by the word Loyalist I mean native Indian soldier fighting against the Rebels. The  British rarely were able to arrest Rebels to try them for mutiny to hang them. The Loyalist Native soldiers exacted savage revenge in the field without mercy just as the Rebels started 1857 by savagely slaughtering Loyalist  Indian soldiers without mercy. Sure. Some Brits ordered Rebels to lick up blood from massacre sites but then they formally tried them. most of the in field executions were done by Indian Loyalists.   1857 thus became a by-word for savage war. Civil war is always thus. But the use of terror and massacres by Wahhabists intensified the level of savage revenge. But it should be noted that 1857 was the exception to the rule. It was a vicious civil war and it was waged viciously. But the vicious bloodbath was started by the Rebels who were not exactly models of Geneva Convention protocols. Wahhabi Terror backfired on the Rebels.

The rise and fall of the Rebels was tragic. They went from loyal soldiers, to mutineers, to freedom fighters, to deserters from the Wahhabi fronted rebellion as Rebel Spring turned to Rebel Winter  and their dreams and illusions  were crushed underfoot. They became ‘accessories’ and ‘accomplices’ of ‘jihad’. They ended up fleeing for their lives into Afghanistan where they were murdered or else were captured in Kashmir by Muslims who stripped them of their Brahmin cords and forced to convert to Islam  on pain of death. They ended up as slaves just like their ancestors.

Those who do not know their history are doomed to relieve it and the Brahmin sepoys of the Bengal Army learned that the hard way in Kashmir. One mystery of 1857 is that Brahmins embraced their historic abusers to fight the British who actually gave them freedom of religion to worship as they pleased, allowed temples destroyed by Muslims to be rebuilt, allowed Hindu holidays to be done openly when once the Muslims forbad, and generally allowed the Hindus freedom and rights and prosperity the Muslims forbad. In 1857 the Civil Service was almost entirely Bengalis which the Muslims originally forbad (Muslims cannot allow non Muslims to be in a position of domination to order Muslims around per Sharia Law). Hindus were being promoted as never before. More Hindus were wealthy or middle class as never before. So why did the Brahmins of the Bengal Army join their historic abusers?

Other Rebels appealed  for clemency from ‘Clemency Canning’ to rejoin an army they mutinied against in scorn and contempt. And Clemency Canning was damned by many Loyalists for giving clemency and amnesty. But the ex-rebels lost their pensions and regimental izzat honor and ultimately their personal nang honor when they realized the paper face of freedom from tyranny simply covered Wahhabi Islam bent on conquering India anew.

Today the sepoys are officially all ‘Freedom Fighters’ and officially it is declared tragic they did not win. They are romantic the way Dixie is romantic. But Dixie had to lose. Ultimately, the sepoys despite their romance had to lose. They embraced a doomed cause that ultimately would have doomed India. If the sepoys had won them Islam would rule India today. And the Islam would be ‘modernize and die’ Wahhabi Islam and not Sufi Islam. India would have simply become Old Hindustan ruled by an even more fanatic sect of intolerant Islam that did not allow freedom of worship —-especially to Pagan Shirks. The rebels would have reimposed a fanatic sect that never embraced modern technology, opposed modern infrastructure, opposed the Ganges Canal for irrigation, would never have built canals or railroads or modern roads or telegraphs or schools or hospitals. And the fanatic sect internally wrote that they planned to reintroduce Sharia Law and Jizya and land taxes (50% rates) on Hindus. And in fact during 1857 they did! The Bengal Army Brahmins were fighting alongside their historic oppressors to restore an Islamic dictatorship. And there would never have been the deep pockets of The Mile London (The World Financial Center) to invest the millions that the Raj did spend on India (second only to Canada). New/Old Hindustan would have limped into 1900 like China. A mess. To this day Wahhabists do not treat non Muslims well or modernize or rule responsibly. Is Saudi Arabia a model? is Afganistan? Is Pakistan? No. Sorry. The Bengal Army Rebels  are tragic but ‘Tragic’ is a Western concept. India prefers to paint Rebels in glossy colors  as romantic  ‘freedom fighters’  and say ‘what a pity they lost……’

Rebel Pathans  fought on all fronts but were most obvious at Jhansi where they lent their panache  to the glamorous Rani of Jhansi as her famous bodyguard.  The Pathans of the Northeast fought the Pathans of the Northwest in a tragic civil war which 1857 was. The  Northwest Pathans fought the Northeast Pathans in a blood feud over the loss of nang honor when Wahhabi con men from Delhi and Tonk and other Wahhabi hot stops used the ‘He is only sleeping ‘ Imam con to steal gold from the gullible. When the ‘He is only sleeping’ imam was exposed by a cunning Pathan to be a stuffed body of a goat topped by a wooden head boasting hair and beard of yak fur then the fat hit the fire. Pathans have the fame of waging blood feuds for decades. The British knew this. Pathans would line up at telegraphic offices to find out the last blood feud scores as if cricket games or polo matches. Nicholson and other Corp of Guides used the ‘He is only sleeping ‘ imam blood feud in 1857. What is striking about the Pathans is how fiercely they fought on opposite sides in 1857. The Nicholson body guard was as fanatically loyal to him as the Pathan body guard was loyal to the Rani. To each their own demigod.

Rebel Afghans fighting in a toy recreation. Especially at Jhansi the Rebels were mostly  Pathans, Afghans, Arabs, Jihadists, and Islamic Wahhabists. It is remarkable how many wild Muslims of such an fanatic inclination embraced a Hindu rani — who ended up only surrounded by such wild Muslims and not surrounded by Maratha at all during her final battles against General Rose whose own loyalist Army boasted mostly Maratha, Hyderabad, Decca, and Bombay regiments. Of course Rose also boasted some ‘Ladies From Hell’ ie Scots but that is no comparison to the wild Muslims that the Rani boasted of! But why? Why?

Dost of Kabul  smelled defeat and stuck a deal with John Nicholson to stay neutral. Dost of Kabul must have possessed a sense of warped humor. He had to  have known John Nicholson violently hated all Afghans because a Nicholson brother perished in Afghanistan and Nicholson himself was captured and tortured in Kabul. But Dost contacted Nicholson to cut a deal anyway and sullen and brooding Nicholson negotiated the deal. Afghanistan stayed neutral. But wild Afghans fought for the Rani. The Rebels boasted that the Persian Army was coming, the Ottoman Army was coming,  the Russians were coming, everyone was coming! But the last battles of 1857 into 1858 were waged by wild Muslims. It is a strange end to a tragic civil war.

Rebels attacking across a river in a wonderful toy soldier recreation. The Loyalists always said the Rebels fought with valor but were badly led and used as cannon fodder.  Both the Loyalist and Rebel Army were mostly native, trained by the British, and in 1857 fought each other in a tragic civil war. The only difference between the Rebels and Loyalists were the commanders and logistics and industrial support.

The Loyalists boasted great commanders who led from the front (the British officers boasted some of the highest mortality figures in the war ) and the logistics and industrial support was amazing. Nicholson redeployed a huge army from the Northwest Frontier to Delhi in record time in Hot Season. Officially impossible. He moved a wing of an army through swamps to destroy a Rebel attack on the Siege Artillery Column coming from Meerrut.They all but carried cannon on their backs! Impossible! The Siege Artillery Column lumbered to Delhi like an snail but was never attacked once. Appalling. The Rebels partied in Delhi until two days before the Meerrut Morons attacked Delhi. No Rebels fortified the Heights which any soldier would tell you is needful to win any war. The Meerrut Morons snatched the Heights and clung to the Heights for a month until Nicholson and his Mobile Column arrived by the skin of their teeth. Then the Rebels recklessly threw regiments of raw soldiers at the entrenched Heights which was suicidal.  The owner of the Heights and the owner of the largest siege artillery won Delhi. The Loyalists won Delhi.

Delhi fell because the Rebels were badly led, had no supplies except what they could steal from Loyalist armories, and feuded among themselves when they were not looting. Delhi fell because the Rebels mutinied before they got hold of Enfield Rifles and so faced the best gun on earth. The military dictator of Delhi spent more time presiding over a jihad convention of Wahhabists and then imposing Sharia Law and even outlawing kites than in imposing law and order or feeding his staving army. Soldiers were scrounging bullets in desperation to fight. Pathetic civilian jihadists were waving kitchen knives against Enfield Rifles and field artillery. Suicidal.

Down in Calcutta General Hearsay were marshaling thousands of workers to mass produce bullets and gunpowder while Canning marshaled thousands of soldiers north—– mostly Indian. Manufacturing and logistics won the day. At the end of the day the Rebels simply did everything wrong. Their commanders were amateur soldiers. Their sole supplies were stolen and looted from British armories. That is finite and they even squandered that recklessly. They could not join armies to form one unified chain of command. Self proclaimed Muslim nawabs squandered time and resources imposing Sharia Law and beheading Rajputs and Jats. The Bengal Army recklessly looted. No one conserved munitions for battles. Food ran out. The dacoits and the Loyalists cut the roads and therefore cut supplies. The blackmarket garroted Rebel towns. The Rebel spy organization was arrested by the British counterparts right after Meerut courtesy of the telegraph. So the Rebels had no spies. The British spies (mostly Loyalist Indian) wreaked the Rebels right, left, center, and behind. It got to a point where the Rebels could not win for losing  despite enjoying 10 to 1 odds! But the tragedy went even deeper than that!

The Rebels slaughtered Loyalist sepoys at Cownpore and besieged them at Lucknow and killed them at Meerut and attacked them on the Ridge at Delhi. Most of 1857 was Indian fighting Indian. The Loyalist Army was mostly Indian. Yeap! Indian.  Today Marxist histories written in the 1950s continue to officially call the Rebels ‘freedom fighters’ and the Loyalists stooges, traitors, degraded and repugnant  in battle honors. Mostly they insist the Loyalists were NOT  Indian. The majority of Loyalists fighting the Rebels were Indian. That means civil war. And the way the Loyalists fought against ten to one odds meant they hated the Rebels and believed in the Loyalist cause.  No amount of money would cause such men to endue such odds. When Rose was attacking the Rani in her last battle he commanded a Loyalist Army that he literally could not pay! Yeap! The Loyalist Indians, mostly Maratha and lower castes, were so devoted to Rose they followed him into battle without being paid! But today those men are damned as Judas. In America the civil war is not seen as Judas. It is seen as tragedy but everyone re-inacts battles and no one says anyone else is a Judas. So it is tragic that India cannot admit 1857 was a tragic civil war. Grant is not called a Judas .Nor is Stonewall Jackson or Lee. It is simply a tragedy.

A civil war implies tragic ambiguity while a glorious freedom fight for liberation is a black and white, clean, and easy to idealize crusade. Liberation! Quit India! Heros and villains! good guys and bad buys! Freedom fighters and Judas.  In the USA the Civil War is embraced as tragedy . In India the Rebellion of 1857 cannot be embraced as tragic so Loyalists are cursed as traitors despite the fact 3/4’s of India was neutral or Loyalist and the Loyalists ultimately won the right war to give India a better future which is secular and modern. If the Rebels had won then India would be Old Hindustan but worse— and 1857 version of Pakistan.

Wahahbism entered India with Shah Wali Ullah of the Madrassa Rahimiyyah at Delhi and in 1857  the leader was Maulana Sayyid Nazir Hussain of Delhi. He blessed 1857 as an official jihad and reaffirmed that India was Dar ul Harb land at war with Islam requiring Jihad to reconquer it. ‘Unfinished business’. During the war the Wahhabists imposed Sharia law and Jizya taxes while internally plotting ‘one enemy at a time’ with the Brits first and the Sikhs next and the Pagan Shirks later after the protectors of the Shirks, the Brits and Sikhs, could be killed. One enemy at a time! The Wahhbists attacked Hindu temples and killed Hindus as enthusiastically as they killed Brits. In Delhi Wahhbists openly boasted that if they could not go to paradise by killing Brits then they would kill Hindus. Delphiwallahs. And they did! Along with Holy Cows! The Rani and Nana Sahib could not stop Wahhabists from killing Bengalis and Holy Cows during 1857 and into 1858.  The Loyalist Army had to rush to protect the most holy Golden Temple in Benares from Muslim attack during 1857.  Wahhabists declared 1857 to be Holy Jihad. Holy Jihad is not a Quit India exercise. It is not an American style Revolution. It is Holy Jihad to impose Dar ul Islam House of Islam Triumphant. Look it up. Dar ul Islam is not freedom for anyone but Muslims.

After 1857 the Wahhabists retreated to restart Wahhabism under the Deoband label in 1866. This was  after the Wahhabists who stamped their blessing of 1857 Jihad were ‘turned’ by the British (who had their treason in black and white). The Wahhabists were forced to deny their holy jihad which left the dead Muslims with cheap tin keys to some place other than paradise. Holy Jihad was revoked. What was left? Treason. The Wahhabists said British India was lawful and therefore any Muslim should be loyal and therefore any Muslim who fought against British India was a traitor. As in damnation. Hell.

The rebranded and reformed Deoband expanded all over Punjab and Northwest Frontier to fuel the Pakistan movement. Then branches of the Deoband spread to Afghanistan from Pakistan.  Today the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Lashkar e Taiba, and other terror organizations lead the Islamic fight to destroy India and the world and they are Deoband. Deoband. repackaged Wahhabi. Direct links to 1857.  Not all Deobandis are terrorists but all terrorists are linked to Deoband. Osama bin Laden did not just represent Saudi Wahhabism but Deoband Wahhabism which is Indian Wahhabism what caused 1831 Jihad and 1857 Jihad in India and which today wages jihad in India as well as the entire world. Omar of the Taliban spoke at a celebration of the Deoband. There he agreed with the Deoband that the Deoband was the spiritual leader of Islam in the non Arab world. as in Afghanistan. Pakistan. Kashmir. Get it?

Lashkar el Taiba goals in waging war in Kashmir and India is to 1) force all non Muslims  to convert or die and 2) deliver the ascendancy of Islam and 3) force all non Muslims to pay jizya taxes with rites of humiliation to feel ‘subdued’ until they convert and 4) assist weak and powerless Muslims to feel powerful again and 5) avenge the blood of Muslims by killing unbelievers and 6) punish enemies of Islam and 7) defend and expand the Islamic Caliphate and 8) liberate all ‘Muslim’ territories under non Muslim ‘occupation’ and India like Spain is defined as an Islamic state once ruled by Islam which must be liberated from non Muslim ‘occupation’. Lashkar el Taiba is Deoband. Deoband is repackaged Wahhabism that damned Akbar The Great as a heretic and blessed the  Aurangzeb The Terrible’s Reign of Terror and then the 1831 Jihads and then the 1857 Jihads. It is the same platform. It is the same supremacy ideology. It is the same terrorism. Do the research. connect the dots. Peal off the mask of the lovely Rani and see the real face of 1857.

Deoband spokesmen say they are nonviolent and do not support terror but that is taquiyya because as late as 2001 as the Deoband celebrated it’s 150 anniversary the Taliban were honored guests and Mullah Omar gave a keynote speech celebrating the power and authority and achievements of the Deoband. “We expect the madrassas in Pakistan and Afghanistan to refer to us when they have any religious doubts’  or so said Mr Siddiqi the official spokesperson of Deoband India. So if you want to see the face beyond the Rebels just look at a face of Omar of the Taliban or the creator of 9/11 or the Mumbai shoot out or bleeding Kashmir.

The Rani of Jhansi faced her death as she faced her life, in a private rebellion against her fate. But what was her fate? After all, we are talking about a lady who flew the Union Jack from Jhansi even as she fought General Rose.

In India there is a saying every girl is raised to say: suffer and endure and pray you will be reincarnated as a man. The Rani of Jhansi tasted the bitter dregs  of that bitter saying that degraded her down to ‘degraded shudra’ she was raised to despise. She was raised a proud Brahmin but only because her ambitious father had no son. She was married to a homosexual no other woman wanted to marry to get a title to please her ambitious father. The husband died under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, she feuded with her neighbors Scindia  of Gwalor and Sikandar of Bhopal. The two ladies so hated each other they exchanged bitchy notes. Whenever the Nawab got a bitchy note from the Rani she would write back ‘Come Armed! I am!’. Yeap! that sort of bitchy feud! But officially the Rani  was childless and when her homosexual husband died she became a widow. So what? Remember that the Rani was a 1857 sort of Brahmin.

bargained down to a million rupees and then half a million pounds which was bargained down to half a million rupees. . As long as she could say she was bargaining then she could not be consigned to ritual damnation as an accurst widow. She could say she was needed. She could say she might keep Jhansi and be a Regent Widow for her sunny boy. Anything kept her from meeting the fate she so feared: a widow. But she was desperately playing for time.  Sooner or later she would be ordered as a Brahmin female to dress in one ragged white shroud, shave off her hair, and beg for one meal a day outside some temple in the Holy City. Then  anyone and everyone could curse  her and spit  on her as a religiously damned creature so hexed even her shadow would be considered defiling and polluting. Being as widow is a fate worst than death.

This was the real fate the proud and beautiful Rani faced in 1857. This is why the British so oddly kept referring to her as that poor valiant lady while Nana Sahib played on her childhood affection for him to turn her toward the Rebel Cause. But Nana Sahib and Tope were very conservative Brahmins. How could they stop Brahminic damnation? The British Reform Bill  could. Only the new British law about widows could stop the fate the Rani feared. Death by Suttee or else a living death as an widow untouchable.

The irony is today she is adored as someone who blooded the British because she got no respect. The irony was the British widow reform bill actually gave her respect her own Brahmin culture denied her. She got no respect from any and all native Indian  males in India. Once Tope and his Peshwa ferret no longer had use for the Rani, they kicked her out of the elaborate Brahmin party that they threw at Gwalior. Men who believed firmly that all Brahmin women should either burn in suttee or else be damned as widow untouchables would not honestly respect or feel loyalty to the Rani once they no longer had a use for her to seduce the emotionally unstable Pathans over to their cause.

 In the end the only loyalty she actually got was from her Muslim bodyguards and their Pathan commander Ghulam Muhammad and his baccha dancing boy lover. They loved her. Oh how the Pathans loved her!  When even the Martha and Oudh Bengal Army Brahmins abandoned her they and they alone stayed by her side.  Did Ghulam Muhammad manufactured that last spectacular death  and bier she craved?  A bier not of a suttee victim burned alive but rather of a dead warrior.   Ironically, the British spoke highly of her but knew ultimately her panic at being trapped in an Indian woman’s body would compel her toward her own self destruction.

For the factual record the Jhansi rebellion was led by Bakhshish Ali, Chief Kale Khan, Tahsildar Muhammad Mussain. All Muslims. They commanded the Muslims of Jhansi and the Oudh recruited Contingents of the  Brahmins of the Bengal Army (who were not Decca Maratha). Brahmins. Not Maratha. Not of the Decca. These Muslim Wahhabists used Muslim Holy Jihadists and Muslim civilians and Bengal Army deserters to wage rebellion .They  savagely murdered the British men and women and children and then  they butchered Anglo Indians and Bengalis. Note that. (see 1857 Jihad by Prof More who is an Indian). And this jihad was conducted  to the cries of ‘Deen Deen’   and green flags of jihad.The local Jhansi population had no say in the matter. Nor did the Rani have a say.

These Muslims then threatened the Rani with death unless she fronted for their rebellion. If the Rani refused then these Muslims said they would simply put her replacement, Sadashivrao Narayan, on the throne. This made the Rani a figleaf covering a Muslim Jihad. The Rani’s ‘bodyguards’ were actually her guards and they were all Muslims and mostly not of the Decca.They commanded mutineers of the Bengal Army of Oudh  who  were not of the Decca. In fact the Rani never fought with Maratha of the Decca by her side. She fought against the Maratha of the Decca. In her last battles only Muslims fight by her side, Afghans, Pathans ,Arabs, and Jihadists. She fought against Loyalists who were Bombay Maratha, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Gwalior regiments — soldiers of the Decca.

The Rani smuggled out letters to the British protesting her loyalty to the British and her helplessness but the Muslim Rebels stopped all of her dak courtiers and mail. Natthe Khan, Muslim, not only stopped her dak courtiers but manufactured false intel to feed the British that the Rani was an enthusiastic supporter of the rebellion instead of a prisoner of the rebellion. Please see 1857 Jihad by Prof More (Indian) for more details and quotes by top Indian historians that confirm the Rani did not want to fight the British but was being threatened with death if she did not aid the rebellion as their Hindu fig leaf (N R Phatak, Surendra Nath Sen, Narahar Kurundkar, Godse Bhatji, Dr Tapti Roy)

Why did the Rebels so need Jhansi? They needed Jhansi to attack the Decca Maratha shieldwall of principalities of Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore, and Baroda which lined up like dominoes which ended at guess what? The Sea Port of Surat right above Bombay. What did the Rebels desperately need to win? A sea port. If the Rebels controlled a sea port then the Russians might be more inclined to play the Great Game and send in military advisers, munitions, and supplies.  And if the Decca fell to the Rebels and if the Rebels won the Punjab then the Rajputs would be trapped in a pincer and surrounded and would have to surrender.

Who had to be toppled first to win the Decca? Scindia of Gwalior. Who next had to be toppled? Sikandar of Bhopal. Who were attacked relentlessly throughout 1857 and into 1858 by Rebels being funneled through Jhansi? Gwalior and Bhopal. Holkar of Indore rolled over and played dead. The Gaikward of Baroda just liked to dress up like Roman Emperors to play gladiators off against each other in his private colosseum.  Guess who was holding up the Maratha Decca shieldwall? Scindia of Gwalior and Sikandar of Bhopal. Guess who the Rani was on record loathing? Scindia of Gwalior and Sikandar of Bhopal. Guess who was being attacked courtesy of Jhansi? Scindia of Gwalior and Sikandar of Bhopal. How long did Jhansi funnel Rebels to attack Scindia and Sikander? All year. The Decca was devoured by battles, riots, looting, thuggery, rapes murders, tortures (Brahmins of the Bengal Army tortured sons of Maratha businessmen to get money). Maratha villages and towns and cities were devoured by fire and cannon being dragged all over the place to threaten civilians. Records clearly indicate the Maratha were being attacked by every sort of looter and rioter and robber and thug and murderer and rapist.  The people doing the looting, robbing, torturing,  arson, rape, and dragging the cannon? Rebels. The victims of the looting, robbing. torturing. arson, rape, and cannon? Maratha  of the Decca.

Who was trying to keep and order why fighting looters, robbers, arsonists, rapists,and facing down cannon? Scindia and Sikandar. Who was told to their faces they were to be overthrown on orders of Nana Sahib, the Emperor of Delhi, Holy Mullahs, and the Rebel commanders? Scindia and Sikandar.  And as frosting on the cake the Rebels told Scindia to his face he was to be ‘demoted’ because no Maratha Sudra could be a prince of any principality when the Rebels won. Only the Brahmin  Peshwa  would be entitled to a 21 gun salute as the one and only prince and military dictator of the Decca. Gosh. That does not sound like the Rani fairy tale does it? It only gets worse.

The Gaekward, Holkar, and Scindia were all raised up from humble birth to become princes by Shivaji The Great. Self made princes. That is a rarity in India. Merit is not caste. But Shivaji The Great promoted by merit. He ignored caste. So it is striking that Nana Sahib, Tope, and the Rani all sneered these Princes of the Decca as scion of loathsome lower caste Sudra Maratha. And indeed in 1857 the Maratha Princes wer being attacked by the Rebels because they  were either Sudra or in the case of Scindia Kshatrya. In the West self made men are seen as great! Not in India! Scion of low castes are technically not entitled to rule. They must be ruled! Ruled by Bahmins! But the Peshwa declared even Scindia a ‘slipper holder’ or ‘horse keeper’ ie Sudra. In sort —- not entitled to rule. He must be ruled! Ruled by who? The Peshwa. Brahmin. To be exact the Brahmin family kicked out of the Decca and the Maratha Confederation for depravity, immorality, incompetence, and selling out to the British. In short, the Peshwa was demanding to be restored to their military dictatorship despite being a Judas while demanding the abolishing of the established Maratha Princes!

Sikandar was declared heretic because she ruled Bhopal as a woman when under Sharia Law no woman officially can command males.  She was to be deposed and killed so a proper Wahhabi male could rule. So both of the two most able princes of the Decca were told by Rebels they were to be deposed because they had no right to rule. Period. Not even the British ever told the Princes of the Decca they had no right to rule. The Rebels told the Princes of the Decca they had no right to rule and they were threatened — often in their own durbars to their faces by Rebels with guns tracking blood of victims right across the durbar carpets! Gosh! so much for Rebels symbolizing Respect! In 1857 they were not respecting the Princes of the Decca!

Needless to say, General Rose and his tiny army of Bombay Maratha, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Gwalior, plus some few sailors of the Royal Navy and a few dozen  burned out Crimea veterans were embraced by the people of the Decca as liberators. The Princes of the Decca welcomed them with open arms.  Mathura which saw Rebels raising the green flag of jihad over the last holy Hindu temple saw Rose as it’s liberator —-especially as the Rebels kidnapped and tortured and threaten with blowing from cannon any and all Hindus businessmen. Mostly non Maratha threatening Maratha. Mostly Muslims threatening Hindus.

Rose won every battle and was welcomed across the Decca. The Rebels lost every battle to Rose — especially as the genuine locals loathed the Rebels and cheered Rose.  Rose sealed off Surat Port and thus closed the door to any Russian reinforcements. So the Russians declined to play the Great Game beyond playing the Rebels to revolt —- without paying them. This was payback by Russia for the Crimea. Winning or losing, Russia only wanted India to suffer because of the Crimea.The World Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, sided with the British and the mullahs of Mecca declared 1857 to be an illegal jihad. The Nizam of Hyderabad, the top top top of the top Prince of not only the Decca but India sided with the Loyalists. The Maratha soldiers sided  with the Loyalists. Rose tailored his battles to appeal to Maratha patriotism. The Rebels looted and raped and threatened the Maratha. Gosh! I wonder why the Maratha of The Decca turned Loyalist?

 When Delhi fell  the British arrested the cream of the Wahhabists  from mullahs or imams to clerics to Vice Regents of Allah to Regents to Allah and waved the 1857 Delhi Jihad of Declaration in their faces.  The cream of Islam recanted and declared 1857 to be an illegal jihad. The rug was yanked out from under the Muslim Rebels. They were now officially fighting an illegal war after being told to rebel because it was going to be Holy War complete with 72 virgins plus pearly boys plus  Ghazi Razzia Raiding  complete with religiously blessed robbing and raping and enslaving. Now the tide had turned. the Rebles were losing on all sides and officially Muslim Rebels were damned. Brahmin Rebels were traitors. Every Rebel stronghold was falling.  Rose arrived at Jhansi  after an unbroken string of victories with the people of the Decca behind him and beside him. The Bombay Maratha, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Gwalior regiments were his most vocal supporters.

The Rani’s more liberal Brahmins advisers such as Nana Bhopatkar and Lalubhau Bakhshi advised the Rani to surrender to Rose  or play the Holkar Card and plead helplessness as a prisoner of the Rebels. The Holkar Card worked for Holkar. Rose simply forgave the hopelessly cowardly Prince and restored his Principality to him. All forgiven. Why not play the Holkar Card? Especially if faced with not playing the Holkar Card.

. A besieged city that refuses to surrender before the siege starts is a city that legally can be burned to the ground and be utterly destroyed. Akbar the Great destroyed Chitter Fort and slaughtered 30,000 Rajputs when they refused to surrender.  Islam also blesses Ghazi Razzia Raiding Jihad to slaughter, rob, rape, and enslave  all unbelievers  who fight back against jihad. No mercy whatsoever. So every Indian in India knew what defeat meant. The West said a besieged city faced three days of robbing and looting but in Delhi the Loyalists also were ordered to not harm women and children. By and large that was done. For the time that was actually considred amazing. But the history of any city that refuses to surrender and the history of Chittor Fort should have warned the Rani what would happen to Jhansi if she did not surrender. Sure. She was only a figurehead. She had no control. During EID she could not even stop Muslims from slaughtering Holy Cows. But she could still play the Holkar Card and plead total powerlessness. She could warn her people to hide during battle and plead with Rose. Rose’s army was Maratha. Up to now Rose had played the ‘Liberator of the Decca’ so he was aware of the propaganda of ‘saving’ the city.

The Rani’s ambitious and reactionary father sided with the Muslim Rebels including Cavalry Chief Husan Ali who said if the city gates were closed then they could  force the people to fight. The Wahhabists irrationally insisted  they might win.  The Rebels always said they were unbeatable especially if they were inside  any city or fort which was considered  unbeatable. Defensive fighting was the modus operandi of most Rebel battles.  And the Loyalists were damned to fail courtesy of Holy Jihad for Allah. But Rose’ s unbroken march of victory should have warned the Rani he might consider Jhansi  a minor siege and pointless battle in his resume of unbroken victories. And the Rebels were being defeated even in undefeatable cities. in fact the Rebels were losing in every stronghold. Total defeat.

Meanwhile, Firoz Shah, Muslim, used the stamp and name of the Rani to sign off on his Victory for Islam proclamation. By 1858 the Rebels were losing on all sides. Why would anyone join a losing side and risk the city burning? Common sense should have told the Rani that she should play the Holkar Card.  Indore was ‘rescued’ for Holkar by Rose who spent a year fighting through the Deccawhile only killing Rebels and not burning and looting. Rose’s conduct proved he was very well aware of the  propaganda value of being seen as the ‘liberator of the Decca’. He delivered Indore back to Holkar intact. After all,  a large part of Rose’s tiny army was Bombay Maratha. So facts on the ground told the Rani she could play the Holkar Card and save her city.  But the forged Victory Of Islam proclamation was delivered by Natthe Kahn to Hamilton and Rose. The Rani’s dak courtiers were cut off. And her father told her not to negotiate because the British did not respect them.  Why didn’t the Rani play the Holkar Card? He got his principality back intact despite the slaughter by the rebels. Indore was saved. Why not save her city? But for whatever reason, The Rani did not play the Holkar Card.

During the siege the the gates were closed to prevent the citizens from fleeing which they were doing by the hundreds. Fleeing. Abandoning her.  Rose’s tiny army of a few thousand faced over 10,000 Bungelas  and Vilayatee Afghans, 1500 most trusted Afghan bodyguards,  Royal Pathan Bodyguards, local Muslim Ghazi holy warriors, diverse Arabs,  and some rather wilted Brahmins of the Oudh recruited Bengal Army (all outsiders or Muslims ). So mostly Muslims and non Decca Rebels were fighting off the Rose Army which was mostly Bombay Maratha, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Gwalior with a few hundred British Navy sailors and a few exhausted and burned out  Crimea highland Scots. Translation: The Rani was leading Muslims and non Decaa in a war against soldiers of the Decca led by Rose. The Rani might have been Aisha the Widow Warrior but she was no Joan of Arc of the Decca.

Rose spit his tiny army and left 600 men to hold down the siege of Jhansi while he  crushed Tope’s Army of the Peshwa which was likewise Afghan, Pathan, Arab, Ghazi Holy Warrior, odds and sods of Rebels fleeing Delhi and Lucknow and Cawnpore, Rohilas from the heart of the Muslim Bastion, and criminal looters and outlaws commanded by the ‘Nawab’ of Banda. Banda had looted the Decca for a year so his appearance could only discredit the Rani. It was like siding with Blackbeard the Pirate! Top also boasted some  shattered remains of the Gwalior Contingent of the Ough recruited Bengal Army but Tope openly sneered them as cowards compared to his magnificent Muslims. Rose crushed Tope twice despite a 10 to 1 advantage by Tope while cavalierly besieging the city of the Rani with 600 men. At this point the Rani really should have double checked her hand of cards. She clearly held a ‘Dead Man’s Hand’. Rose was obviously invincible. Tope was obviously a total loser.

 Nevertheless,  the Rani chose to fight a losing war that was already obviously lost even as Tope was being slaughtered twice by Rose and his Army of the Decca who were mostly Decca. The Decca Maratha would surely see the Rani’s continuing embrace of the Rebel Cause treason. The Rani Judas of the Maratha. They would not be merciful if they besieged her city.  Why didn’t the Rani play the Holkar Card? If she had then Jhansi could have been saved.

The Rani of Jhansi had nothing left to lose.  Jhansi fell in battle to Rose while Rebels fled the city under fire as civilians perished as human shields. As the Rani watched, Tope lost another battle to Rose as his army was shattered like bad iron under an hammer on an anvil.   Gwalior was her final ‘hail mary desperate pass’ in a game that was about to be lost.  She had burned her bridges and crossed the Rubicon — and she was riding alongside losers who had lost and lost and lost as they fled Rose who had won every battle.

When she rode with Tope into Gwalior it was to incite the Gwalior militias of Muslims along with the odds and sods of the Gwalior Contingent of the Oudh recruited Bengal Army to mutiny yet again. They did. To the rises of ‘Deen Deen’ and green flags of jihad and Islamic prayers the Rani seduced the Muslims and Oudh mutineers to defect to her.  Scindia watched blandly, not surprised at all, only surprised it took over two hours before the cravenly disloyal mutineers and Muslims defected finally and at last for the final time  thus  removing the Sword of Damocles from dangling over Scindia’s  head which it had for the entire year. A year of war and threats and riots and looting and torture and mutineers  and cannon in the streets and lawlessness and threats against his life and against his principality were over. The crisis had moved to the End Game. Check Mate. The Final Gambit was now to be played.

The Muslims defected because their mullahs told them they could not be loyal to a Hindu Prince and ‘law of the Heathen’. That is like saying today the Muslims of India should rebel and join Pakistan because Indian law, also ‘law of the Heathen’ is haram and no Muslim can be loyal to anyone or anything except an Caliph and Shaira Law. Scindia of Gwalior was a lawful prince even if he was ‘law of the Heathen’. And  he evoked his legal right all year to rule his principality as he wished — including staying neutral as most of the princes of India stayed neutral during that tragic civil war. Most of the princes of India evoked the right to stay neutral. Ironically, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Sufi Muslim, openly sided with the Loyalists after his own life was threatened by Rebels. But that was another matter. Scindia evoked a legal right to stay neutral — while expecting his citizens to stay loyal to him. He gave his people a well run principality, freedom of religion, and the hope for modernization and social reforms. Legally the citizens of Gwalior had no legal right to join Rebels to overthrow a lawful prince.But the Muslims did revolt and defeat to the invaders anyway.  But only the Muslims and later the Brahmins of Gwalior defected. The Rajputs and Maratha of Gwalior stayed loyal to Scindia. (see 1857 Jihad by Prof More for more details).

And the Oudh recruited Gwalior Contingent of the Bengal Army had no legal right to break the izzat regimental honor and their personal nang by mutinying against their lawful commander who was Scindia. They accepted a lease to Gwalior with Scindia as their temporary lawful commander as long as he delivered a lovely cantonment  and full wages. Scindia even payed them as they mutinied against him while they chopped down all of the cantonment’s trees and kidnapped local Maratha kids to torture for extortion.  Scindia was not the British. They might say they had  a right to mutiny against  the British but Scindia was a lawful Hindu prince. So either the Rebels never intended to respect Hindus princes or ….well….. they never intended to respect Hindu princes.

Was it just chance the Rebels also attacked the Skinners who founded the famous  Anglo Indian Skinners regiment? Skinners was the best regiment of all —- but had an oath to never attack or join attackers of their original patron: The Scindias of Gwalior. Did the Rebels always plan to attack Scindia? Did the Rebels always plan to attack all of the Princes? Why attack the famous Skinners instead of wooing them unless they knew it would be pointless because they always planned to attack Scindia?

  Scindia protested the Rebels used Gwalior to invade other princepalities despite Scindia’s neutrality. The Rebels said using Gwalior to invade Bhopal and British India was just fine —- which was the same argument  Germany used to exploit neutral Belgium to invade France twice.  Was Germany’s argument valid in WWI and WW II? Scindia of Gwalior was in exactly the same situation as Belgium.

Scindia and his Rajputs and Maratha retreated as the Muslims fell to the feet of the Rani and prayed to Allah as if she was their Aisha Widow Warrior.  If Joan of Arc was the symbol of France then what is the Rani if only Muslims fell to her feet and prayed to her? She was Aisha the Widow Warrior. But that is not the same thing as Joan of Arc — especially as she as helping to depose  a lawful Maratha  Decca Prince. And the Rani was not a Maratha Decca Prince. She was an outsider helping outsiders invade a lawful principality to overthrow a lawful prince to impose an military dictator who was a Brahmin outsider — like herself. So she did indeed cross the Rubicon. Once she allied herself to forces to overthrow a lawful prince she was no longer an innocent player.

Or perhaps she was Mary Queen of Scots? Beautiful and headstrong and just thrown out of Scotland after her homosexual husband died under mysterious circumstances. Mary crosses the Rubicon to plot the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth  of England  for King Charles of Spain. The Rani was beautiful and headstrong and her homosexual husband died under mysterious circumstances and she ended up thrown out of Jhansi with the city on fire. She crossed the Rubicon to help the Rebels to overthrow a neighboring lawful prince.  But that role is also not Joan of Arc. That is Mary Queen of Scots. So the ex-Rani was a lot of things but she was no Joan of Arc.

The Rani was stuck in a fag end of a failing rebellion hopelessly lost as two armies converged to  destroy her. Rose, the closer Loyalist Army, rode toward Gwalior with every man of his puny army hell bound to fight alongside him despite the fact their contracts were over. Rose could not pay them. But amazingly, they refused to leave Rose. Today the men who served with Rose are ‘officially repugnant’ and are called Judas. But they rode alongside Rose with the same adoration that the Rani enjoyed from her Pathans.  But the Rani only had a instinct for war and Rose was a trained genius of war. And Rose had not lost one battle. The Rani and Tope had not won one battle.

Tope was a fool with an ego who as a reactionary Brahmin . He considered the Rani accurst now that she was  a widow who refused to commit suttee. He considered even the shadow she cast unlucky.  The Rani was officially contagious bad luck. As a Brahmin widow she was officially  the cause of her husband’s death and she was also ‘eating her son’ . She was as ritually defiled as any Untouchable. Officially she should be ostracized  to atone for her evil of surviving and refusing to commit suttee by a life of suffering and humiliation. Even her very shadow was contagious evil bad luck. Tope, defeated by Rose repeatedly, probably blamed the Rani for infecting him with her contagious bad luck..  Raoshaib banished her from his 21 gun coronation so her defilement would not spoil it.   The Brahmins who partied that week with abandonment openly loathed her as a religious leper on par with untouchables. They feasted away as they cursed her.  Only her beloved bodyguard still adored her along with scared Muslims who had betrayed Gwalior and now feared their rajah’s revenge.

Scindia of Gwalior redeployed somewhere. Who knew! Who cared! So the Rebels saw a shining fort on a tall hill just waiting for them to party in, secure for a siege, and launch lavish Brahminic rites to install the Peshwa as the new military dictator of the Decca. 21 gun salute please! It was a miracle! But they failed to look their gift horse in the mouth. And they really should have checked out that miracle! If something is too good to be true then it is not true!

After waging war for a year on his white horse, holding off mutineers and looters and rapists and outlaws and personally facing down cannon being dragged up to the fort and city (minus wheels or trumpets because Scindia took them) to ‘blow him away’, after personally facing down men waving guns in his face and boasting how he was about to be deposed as a mere ‘slipper holder’ and ‘horse keeper’ unworthy to remain as the ruler of Gwalior, Scindia suddenly turned chicken and redeployed. Ran away! With his loyal army! And the people pretty much gone as well.  But where? Why fight a year and then flee? He was outnumbered but he had been outnumbered all year long. His Rajputs and Maratha were still loyal. So were his people — other than Muslims and Brahmins. So where did he redeploy? What gambit was he playing? The Moscow Gambit perhaps? Retreat or appear to retreat to let cocky invaders think they won only to find the city a honey trap baited with poison to destroy them?  Well, let us see how the Rebels acted?

Gwalior was a gigantic and  ancient and mysterious mountaintop filled with semi ruined palaces and lakes and ponds and mysterious temples and gigantic Jain carvings and tunnels and sliding doors and rumors of ancient prehistoric magic. But was it also  a honey pot — a lure or bait that lured too cocky Rebels  inside a fort that was built to be attacked from  without, not within. Therefore the too cocky Rebels were now inside of a fort that had no interior defenses whatsoever.  If the enemy redeployed inside the mile across fort and that enemy knew every inch of every tunnel and ruin and sliding wall and every other thing then isn’t that fort now a trap? How do you fight the enemy if the enemy is inside instead of outside? And if the fort’s two massive wooden gates were blown then how good is that fort?

What happen? As Rose approached, the Rebels assumed they could wage  a defensive war inside Gwalior. Rebels in 1857  tended to wage defensive war where ever possible inside forts or cities. Modus Operandi. But now most strangely the Rebels deviated from their time honored modus operandi. Instead, they now  camped outside of Gwalior. Why? Then they rode down from Gwalior to fight their last battle against Rose in the  parade grounds. Why? This was after losing to Rose many times. Why leave a fort to fight a man who walloped you three times? But the Rebels did not hold up inside Gwalior. They fled Gwalior and fought a disaster of a battle on parade grounds  —- and lost yet again. Why?

The fort was suppose to have tons of supplies. But the Rebels fought their last disaster of a battle with few supplies and few cannon. Rose’s field artillery mowed them down. Rose’s few Enfields blew them away. They put up a disjointed and leaderless fight and finally retreated in an open rout through the town as the Loyalists hunted them down as if a fox hunt. Why not use tons of supplies inside a fantastic fort? Unless there were no tons of supplies and the fort was a trap?

For a week the rebels partied to excess and then they collapsed utterly unprepared and disjointed before Rose. Why? Clearly they were not planning anything whatsoever. Scindia had a year to plan. Did Scindia play the Moscow Gambit? Did he plan  to redeploy and use the ‘retreat’ to destroy a larger army such as the Russian did against  Napoleon? Why did the so-called Gwalior miracle turn into the Gwalior rout?

When the too cocky Rebels arrived inside the fort did they find tents and gold coins and riches and a feast?  For they certainly feasted with abandon and Raossahib referred to lavish gifts of gold and luxuries of food and drink to entertain the Brahmisn who defected over to him. He referred to the Brahmins expecting riches and apparently he delivered riches for a week despite fleeing for his life before Rose’s army. Where did he get the riches and gold and luxuries and feast to entertain so royally? Did the rebels find the fort decked out for a feast fit for royalty?

Did they assume that Scindia planned a feast to celebrate his victory over them? And did they laugh now? They would enjoy the feast of victory over Scindia! The callow Peshwa threw a lavish party with every sort of food and drink and gold to entertain his fellow Brahmins who rejoiced that a superior god on earth fellow Brahmin now would rule Gwalior instead of an inferior caste shudra! And the party last a week. What a party! Did the ghost that haunted the title of the Peshwa, Narayan Rao, also attend? Murder by diamond dust is an horrible way to die. That was one mad ghost. Narayan Rao was such a mad ghost he followed that damned title wherever it moved and haunted whoever dared to evoke it! Everywhere that ghost went he wailed of the doom of the Peshwa! Did he howl now as the Brahmins recklessly partied for a week?

Did it bother the Rebels  that the fort appeared all but empty and spooky? Full of ghostly ruins? Mysterious lakes? Tunnels?  Secret passages? Did they inspect the supposed supplies or just assume the supplies left there so cavalierly were genuine and not contaminated? Did they rush forth to live like rajahs and wallow in luxury? Which they did!  Did they say Bah!. Naturally the court of a defeated rajah fled! Ha! Only craven servants remained who cowered before them on bent knee as they give them every sort of food and drink and drugs to wallow in to celebrate! Did they wonder why the tents and durbar was all ready to celebrate in? Did they wonder why the food was all prepared? Did they check the gold? Did they check the munitions? Or did they just assume blindly and party? For indeed the Rebels partied recklessly for a week as Rose galloped toward them. And the rebels did nothing to prepare for war. They certainly did not ask why the apparently cowardly Scindia would leave everything out for them as if party gifts. Gwalior was famous for its bottomless vaults that no one but Scindia could open. Why did Scindia leave everything out as if gifts for the Rebels? Why didn’t anyone ask if it was all just too good to be true?

So the Court of the Brahmin Peshwa celebrated  and enjoyed  the feast in a week of escalating  debauchery and reckless overindulgence as Rose and his army rode toward them. Drugs of every sort were indulged in and wine of every sort was imbibed. foods and loot of every sort was just laying around  as if there to tempt. And the  scared Rebels increasingly overindulged as the creepy place unmanned them. No preparations were done to prepare for war. No pickets were set up. No roads were secured. nothing was done — as everyone  partied with wild abandon.

Meanwhile, the Rani found everything going wrong. Snipers picked off  Rebels who tried to desert. Rebels found Rebels dead at the foot of the towering walls —- as if pushed off. Rebels deserted or vanished. More and more Rebels deserted or vanished as if those empty ruins were devouring them. Vultures screeched as they circled the skies above that sinister fort full of ghosts.  The  bats of Gwalior filled the sky at dawn and dusk as if a sinister warning of doom. The Rani was now locked out of command now that Tope no longer needed her to seduce the Muslims over to him. she could only  watch helplessly as  the Rebel Army unravel as if possessed or under  some dire influence or tainted food and drugs. India knew more secrets about drugs than anyone. But there are obvious drugs that easily duplicate LSD among other things.

 Rebels fought Rebels. Everyone accused everyone else. Did the supposed riches  left proved to be bad coinage strut by the deposed Emperor of Delhi — now worthless tender which mercenaries screamed were being issued to cheat them? The army unraveled instead of preparing for war. After all, the only thing the so called army shared was defeat. How did Ghazi Razzia Holy Warriors screaming jihad get along with demoralized Brahmins of the Oudh recruited Bengal Army staggering from defeat to defeat to defeat? How did clerics inciting the Muslims of Gwalior to revolt get along with the elite Brahmins coming to celebrate the crowning of the Pershwa?  The ‘Nawab’ of Banda and his gang of outlaws tried to flee with their last bags of loot and were found murdered..

Was  precious cannon dragged up to destroy the hareem Jain sculptures by Wahahbists? The Wahhabists defiled every temple they could during the rebellion? So how did the haram Jain sculptures escape destruction? Were the cannon  found abandoned and their Muslim artillery men dead? Only Scindia protected the haram Jain which the Brahmins loathed as much as the Muslims. Was Scindia protecting the many holy sites scattered throughout Gwalior? for indeed the many holy temples were protected. And most of the Hindu ruins were Shiva. The Brahmins of the Peshwa inclined to Aryan Gods. Still. it is odd how the holy things were saved from Rebels who routinely defiled every single temple they could….

. Did the Rani warn the arrogant and reckless Brahmins partying away?  Yet Tope and Raosahib ignored her fears because she was now accurst. They partied recklessly as if possessed or mad or drunk or drugged.  The Muslims of Gwalior  she seduced into betraying their lawful rajah unraveled — as rumors spread —- that Scindia has plotted a plot and that plot was now ensnaring them to their doom. Fear spiraled along with the debauchery. No one prepared for war yet everyone knew Rose was riding toward them.

But the Rani, cast out  by the increasingly arrogant and possessed Brahmins, was desperate to organize some sort of defense against the approaching Rose. Yet the army unraveled all around her. What could she do? No Brahmin obeyed her.  Increasingly, only her loyal Pathan Bodyguard still 0beyed her. She dreamed dire dreams and, unusual for her, was increasingly sick. She kept pricking her thumb on the Western style pin of the fabulous Scindia Gwalior Diamonds with their Emerald swag and huge Ruby Pendant that was designed to dangle over the heart. She wore the priceless necklace of the neighbor she scorned. She wore the famous diamonds with pride, such pride, notorious pride in fact. But did her thumb kept pricking the Western clap and  pin? Why install a Western clasp and pin anyway? Surely Scindia had not installed a trick clasp and pin designed to deliver a tiny vial of poison courtesy of a prick? Why did he leave the priceless diamonds out in the open for her to take as she always boasted she would do? Why? He knew she loathed him and he knew she coveted the diamonds. So  why leave the famous Scindia diamonds  behind , in obvious sight, instead of safe inside the famous Gwalior vaults?  Gwalior vaults were famous. Why leave them behind? Why leave the famous diamonds behind in plain sight in a tent fit for a rani? As if waiting just for her…..?  After all, Scindia had to know she boasted of wearing the famous gems of the neighbor she scorned? The Rani had boasted repeatedly of her scorn for Scindia and her intent to flaunt those famous diamonds around her own lovely neck. Surely Scindia had  not ordered  a counterfeit of paste baited by poison? Yes. Most famous jewels always have counterfeits and many famous jewels were known to be crafted to kill the vain. But  surely it was an accident that Scindia fled leaving priceless diamonds out in the open on a table in a tent set up for a rani…… as if for her…..

Finally, with Rose only a few days away and no defenses prepared, the desperate (and desperately sick ) Rani  burst into the durbar  only to discover a grotesque  feast fit for Brahmin traitors. The supposedly gods on earth were staggering around in tattered gold among a trashed durbar, food and gold everywhere, drugs and liquor among the piles of half eaten foods.  It had long ago ceased to be a ritual and had become a debauchery!  Suddenly! there was a fanfare! Then the servants of Scindia  climaxed the glorious coronation of the Peshwa  with a parade of  huge silver domed trays presented with much fanfare and pomp and circumstances as the ghost of Narain Rao laughed his ghostly laugh as ghostly blood poured out of his dead mouth. For  each domed tray revealed  a beautiful presentation of a ritual food per protocols of  an ancient and prehistoric and most definitely not Brahminic koster  pre-Aryan Kshatriyas Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice.

Per the ancient protocols of the  Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice the  silver domed trays reveled  taboo sheep,  taboo holy cows, taboo wild beasts,  every sort of taboo thing,   all arrived beautifully mounted on piles of foods the Brahmins had feasted on like gluttons for  a week. .Arrogant and conceited Brahmins who considered themselves gods on earth were staggering around the trashed durbar room  covered with food and drink! And now this! Trays of accurst and taboo foods ritually served up to damn them all!

Then the smirking servants of Scindia proudly presented  a silver dome tray that revealed a severed and roasted head of a Rebel! Per the most ancient of the rites, the Ashvamedha  originally required a human sacrifice as well as sacrifices of taboo foods. The Horse Sacrifice was a complex and sinister and very much a prehistoric fertility rite involving a prehistoric horse which was the prehistoric symbol of the King’s right to rule his kingdom. The Horse Sacrifice evolved from human sacrifice of the King. It evolved to replace the sacrifice of the king. It evolved to bless the Kings right to rule with the sacrifice of others. And the sacrifice required a staring role for a queen. A rani. It once was done around the world. But now only the Rajahs knew how to do it!  Now the once proud Brahmins screamed as  the ghost of Narain Rao screamed out his howl of bloody joy!

Then the smirking servants of Scindia presented the final dome silver tray and proudly revealed  a  salted white horse’s head  with it’s severed penis tail in it’s mouth! The Magic was before them! And the Magic damned them. For the Magic was alien magic. Prehistoric. Not Aryan. Not Brahminic. Prehistoric Indian. It was the native Magic of the Rajahs! The Brahmins had boasted they were performing an ancient Aryan Bhat Brahmin ritual to bless their own. But Scindia had performed his own ancient ritual to reaffirm his right to rule while damning them all! And now ancient Magic trumped Aryan Bhat Brahmin Magic!

The climax of the baited trap that was Gwalior  was the climax of the prehistoric  Ashvamedha  Horse Sacrifice. Scindia launched the dire year of 1857 by riding a chariot drawn by two white horses. The he ritually selected  the right horse and whispered magic in it’s ear. Then for a year Scindia rode his magically anointed and blessed white horse as he fought off Rebels to protect his kingdom. Per the ancient ritual the king must fight off all attackers who would steal his white horse that symbolizes his right to rule his kingdom. Now Scindia climaxed the ritual by slaying the white horse in ancient rites of obscure mystery.

But the most dangerous part of the prehistoric rite was also the most dire! Per the ancient rituals  a rani must  copulate with the dead horse in some fashion, and guess who the rani was who was tricked into copulating with a dead horse? Did the Rani now wonder why a beautiful tent worthy a rani was set up as if waiting just for her? With a diamond necklace and fine bed? Was the penis hidden under the bed perhaps?

And now the feast climaxed the ritual as haram and taboo foods were served, each food ritually dangerous for anyone but Kshatriyas to consume! Scindia was evoking his right to rule Gwalior by reaffirming his pedigree of Kshatriyas. Only a native son of  India could survive such a ritual! Brahmins or Muslims who feasted would be damned.The Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice ritually blessed the right to rule of a native born Kshatriya rajah. Guess who? And  simultaneously the Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice  ritually damned the Brahmin and also the Muslm traitors who embraced an invader from Oudh over their lawful Maratha Rajah who was Scindia. Every Brahmin in that stolen durbar was now ritually damned by the white horse of Scindia. Every Muslim outside that durbar was likewise ritually damned.

How Tope and Raosahib boasted of their Brahminc magic they were staging here at Gwalior! Did they boast now? How they gloated at humiliating that ‘horse keeper’ Scindia! Did they boast now?  How they laughed  while recalling how another arrogant Brahmin insulted Shivaji The Great at his own coronation !Sneering how Shivaji The Great  was a worthless Shudra who did have a right to be a rajah! Did they boast now?  How they gloated how another arrogant and greedy Brahmin was paid a fortune in gold to  anointed Shivaji The Great  at a second coronation —  which he did with his Brahminic big toe to insult Shivaji The Great in front of every Maratha! Did they boast now? How Tope and his ferret of a Peshwa laughed and gloated how Brahmins betrayed and humiliated  a great man because Shivaji The Great was accused of being ‘degraded shudra’! How dare he be seen as equal to Brahmins!  How dare anyone but a Brahmin dare to claim the right to rule! A shudra! A mere self made shudra !Bah! Only Brahmins are literally gods on earth and only Brahmins have the right to rule in India! How Tope and his ferret of a Peshwa had regaled Brahmins of Gwalior with tales how the arrogant Brahmins of the Peshwa turned a post of secretary into a military dictatorship of the lowly Maratha! Disinheriting the scion of Shivaji! Ridiculing the other Shudra Maratha Princes of the Decca! Demanding the Brahminic right to rule the Maratha as mere scrum groveling at their Brahminic feet!  The lowly Maratha  would be forced to bow again to their Brahmin masters! And cower! The ‘feet’ of the Brahmin gods on earth! And those other equally accurst sudra so-called Maratha princes would be likewise deposed! Shudra had no right to rule as princes! How dare any shudra Maratha claim to be a 19 or 21 gun salute worthy prince! Only the Peshwa could evoke the 21 gun salute as Nana Sahib did twice when he was crowned! Now the new Peshwa would enjoy his 21 gun salute as the best of the best! or not…..

But now  the coronation of the Brahminic Peshwa had been grotesquely defiled by another man the Brahmins had also sneered as ‘degraded shudra’! A mere ‘slipper holder’ and ‘horse keeper’ had destroyed them just as his ancestor had thrown out the last rotten and corrupt Peshwa for betraying the Maratha War Machine before selling out to the British! History was repeating itself indeed!

All of the last year Scindia of Gwalior  had ritually performed the Ashvamedha as he rode his white horse in battles facing down the Rebels, symbolic of his defense of his rightful kingdom against the enemy: the Rebels. When the Rebels arrived into Gwalior with an army too large for Scindia and his loyal Maratha and Rajputs to fight head on then Scindia  sacrificed   the magical white horse  per ancient and obscure prehistoric rituals of powerful magic to use ritual to destroy Brahmins. Why? Because Brahmins were obsessed by ritual and feared magic. Ritual and magic were their Achilles Heel.

The tents and pomp and circumstance and gold and jewels the cocky Rebels found waiting for them inside Gwalior Fort  were for the Horse Sacrifice.  Gwalior Fort was festooned for a celebration. How the cocky Rebels had laughed! They  used  the feast to celebrate their ‘victory’ only to discover  they were tricked into reenacting the climax of a  fiendish ritual that damned them and blessed Scindia —- who was still there in the mile of mysterious ruins and ponds and lakes and ruined palaces and tunnels and sliding doors and …. well… …..  Scindia did not endure an entire year of Rebel insults and threats and cannons just to let Rebels waltz into Gwalior  and celebrate at his feast. This was his feast of damnation on them! So the Rani had nothing left to lose and she lost it all at Gwalior while  Scindia had a year of bitter warfare to plot his final revenge  against the neighbor who let the Rebels use Jhansi to attack Gwalior.

There is a legend of Scindia pausing in the middle of the war of 1857 to give the Rani of Jhansi a white horse. Why pause in the middle of a war to give a white horse to an invader marching alongside his enemies sworn to destroy him and depose him and restore the Peshwa over his dead body? That makes no sense. But if Scindia of Gwalior was performing the mysterious and sinister and fearsome prehistoric and pre-Aryan Bhat Brahmin Ashvamedha White Horse Sacrifice  to prove his right to rule as Rajah of Gwalior  by fending off enemies trying to seize the magical white horse  in a year long magical ritual siege then the obscure gesture suddenly makes terrifying sense. The Rani of Jhansi was suppose to have perished courtesy of a white horse from Gwalior. Was it  in fact the sacrifice of the white horse of the Ashvamedha Ritual? The climax of the ritual involves fearsome taboos and even human sacrifice  that  native  non Brahmin and non Muslim Maratha could survive but which would ritually destroy Aryan Bhat Brahmins and the Muslims who populated their so called Army of the Peshwa.  If she had been tricked into performing the ‘Rani Role’ in the ritual  then the Rani would have been damned. And who performed the role of human sacrifice which the very oldest version of the prehistoric ritual demanded?

There are only disjointed details of the final battle which was waged outside of the fort.  Tope suddenly riding off to ‘visit his parents’. The ferret of a Peshwa Raosahib collapsing. The Rebels appeared unable to mount any sort of coherent battle. They stumble across the battlefield as the Loyalists rack them with field artillery and enfield rifles. Normally the Rani led from the front and was aggressive in inspiring the Rebels but the Rani is mysteriously gone  or not effective in rallying the Rebels who appeared demoralized. Many run away. Many collapse and wail as death take them. There is an disjointed reference to the Rani fighting ‘somewhere’ but no one actually sees her until the third day of the battle when she appears surrounded by her Pathans while  everyone else is fleeing around her. She is covered in dirt. But there is no reference of a previous battle until now. Why? She is only recognized by her trademark Pathan outfit and the Scindia Gwalior Diamonds. She falls in battle surrounded by Pathans during a  suicidal horse charge. Then suddenly she  is swept away so the Loyalists actually never see her face. The Pathan Bodyguard sacrifice their lives to cover the retreat as Ghulam Muhammad rides off with her body. He stages an ornate Pathan bonfire to consume the body but won’t let anyone see the body to confirm who is being burned. Was it even her body or else was it the body of his Pathan dancing boy? Why the mystery of the bier?  Then the Rebels flee in a rout as they are rode down by Loyalists . It is a disaster of a battle. .  The week spent at Gwalior ended up destroying the Rebels instead of saving them. They implode like a house of cards  as Rose’s Loyalists attacked them. Why? Unless they had been psychologically unmanned by magic which as Brahmins and treasonous Muslims  they would have utterly feared? And if the Rani in fact was already dead…..

After all, Scindia was a worshiper of Shiva and the Rani worshiped the Aryan Bhat Brahmin god Vishnu. Shiva once beheaded the fifth head of arrogance of Brahma himself  when he was not  feuding with his celestial rival Vishnu. The Brahmins, like Brahma, were notoriously arrogant as they claimed to be gods on earth before which all the rest of the Indians of India were required to cower before. Shiva had beheaded a god for the crime of arrogance. Shiva warred with Rama who also was the general of the invading Aryan Bhat Brahmins terrorizing the native population of India. Shiva might have decided to behead another arrogant Brahmin. if Shiva decided to emerge from one of his many Gwalior temples to fight for his most devoted worshiper, Scindia, then Shiva might have faced a woman dying but still defiant. Perhaps the Rani met her face like Don Giovanni — embracing damnation rather than cowering. Better hell than paradise if that paradise required her to suffer as a woman while praying to be reincarnated as  a man.

Phule was already in the Decca campaigning to organize the Maratha to kick out Brahminism, debunk Vishnu, deny the Aryan demigod Rama who slaughtered the native Indians, and toss out the Brahmin policed caste system. This was appealing to the Maratha.  The Maratha had thrown out the Brahmin Peshwa before. Perhaps the Maratha had enough and were tossing the Brahmins out again? And perhaps at Gwalior Fort the Rani played her last losing card to a Maratha who decided she was not a god on earth but just another pain in the neck arrogant Aryan Bhat Brahmin, the scion of invaders into India who used religion to brutalized and crush native Indians for centuries. Perhaps the Maratha had enough — or at least one Maratha had enough.

A fort is designed to be attacked from outside —- not inside—- and the Rebels might have belatedly discovered they were in fact trapped inside  a fort with defenses that only faced out —- assuming the enemy was not lurking inside……… hidden in semi ruined palaces and sinister temples and all of those famous tunnels that formed a maze….. and sliding doors and…..well…… revenge is best served cold on ice when plotted by a man  who  waged a year of nerve wracking on-off-on-war while his  plotting revenge….. salted ….. which featured a white horse in a staring role.

Raosahib alias ‘The Ferret’ was used to justify the farce of the ‘Army of the Peshwa’ which was 99% not Maratha. Mostly it was  Muslim invading the Maratha Decca to attack the keystone Maratha principality of Gwalior. Raosahib called Scindia of Gwalior a  ‘slipper holder’ and ‘horse keeper’ ie shudra. Degraded Shudra.  He also insulted  the Gaekwad as a shudra cow keeper and Holkar as a shudra shepherd.  Like all reactionary Brahmins, he was arrogantly proud of his godhood and despised everyone else. He looked forward to his coronation in Gwalior as Peshwa Military Dictator over the ‘degraded shudra’ Maratha Nation.. Per the Vedas all ‘degraded shudra’ were required to spend their entire lives toiling to support the ‘head’ or Aryan Bhat Brahmin Master Race and Master Caste who were gods on earth.  No one could touch a god on earth no matter how bad but a god on earth could kill a shudra and pay no blood debt whatsover. It was like stomping on a bug, a human bug.  And a god on earth could damn any degraded shudra down to a bug in their next reincarnation.  A god on earth controlled the magic of the Vedas and could do anything. No matter now bad a Brahmin was he could do anything and get away with it. That 21 gun Peshwa coronation at Gwalior represented the Restoration of the Brahmins back on top again. Every Brahmin was invited. It was assumed every Brahmin  in Gwalior owed Scindia absolutely no loyalty whatsoever and could only be loyal to a fellow Brahmin.

That mostly Muslim Army of the Peshwa was commanded by Muhammad Ishaq  who was appointed Topes’ handler by the Wahhabists. But if the Army of the Peshwa was mostly Muslim plus odds and sods of the Bengal Army mutineers with perhaps a Maratha color guard of the exiled Peshwa  then who was stringing  whom and who was playing whom? Why didn’t it bother Tope and his ferret of a a replacement Peshwa that they were invading the Maratha Decca with a non Martha army to reimpose a Brahmin military dictatorship after declaring all of the Maratha Princes mere shudra and even saying they  and not worthy of being princes and therefore should not be princes  which would leave only the Brahmin Peshwa worthy of a 21 gun salute? But it did not bother  ‘The Ferret’ one iota……

The Rani of Jhansi is today called India’s Joan of Arc. She is the symbol of the Rebels. But she performed on the stage of history in many roles: The heroic Rani a la  Chittor, Joan of Arc. Lady Liberty,  Maryanna of France, even Mary Queen of Scots to Sikandar’s Queen Elizabeth.  So many roles. Once the Rani perhaps hoped to perform as liberator of India’s women. She was a polo player and hunter and warrior. But she performed her last role surrounded by Muslims as she seduced the Muslim Militia of Gwalior over to the Rebels to depose a lawful Maratha prince to impose a Brahmin dictator fig leaf for rebels who were mostly Muslim and who were mostly not from the Maratha Decca.

The Muslim soldiers of Gwalior betrayed their oaths to their lawful ruler of their lawful principality to join the adoring mob adoring the Rani of Jhansi to cries of ‘Deen Deen; and ‘Allah Akbar’ and green flags of jihad and prayers of Islam and much weeping and kissing.  Why so many Muslims worshiping at the altar of a Brahmin lady? Perhaps it was because the mullahs and Wahhabi masterminds of 1857 had fled the field abandoning their faithful Muslim worshipers  after ordering them to betray their oaths, their salt, their regiments, their princes, their NCO’s, their officers, their pensions, everything for 1857 jihad.

The mullahs fled burning cities to cut deals with the British to save their skins, turning 180 degrees around to say jihad was not legal in 1857 and no Muslim lawfully could rebel against their lawful rulers as long as they enjoyed the Five Pillars of Islam. And India and Gwalior allowed freedom of religion for Muslims in full security and respect. The mullahs sold out their own rebellion and yanked the durbar carpet out from under the feet of the abandoned followers. Their followers committed treason and then were told they were not waging Holy War after all and would not see those 72 virgins plus pearly boys in paradise. And they lost their jobs and wages, everything, for mullahs who abandoned them. No wonder they clung to a lone woman at the end.

So the Muslims, raised to blindly  obey mullahs and clerics and imams, illiterate, programed to obey and die, were suddenly cut away from their anchors and unmoored, cut off, left  adrift. So they clung to the Rani of Jhansi as their Aisha the Widow Warrior with increasingly frantic emotional panic. So was the Rani the Joan of Arc of India? But could Joan of Arc  still be Joan of Arc if she was  increasingly only leading  Muslims forward for jihad? Fighting for Islam? Betraying Maratha Hindus  for Islam? Waging war for  the Islamic Caliphate? Helping Rebels who were commanded by Wahhabists? Who behind the scenes issued propaganda declaring shirks (Hindus) to be the next enemy to be fought? Who muttered ‘One enemy at a time’ under their breath? To restore  Muslim power? Who openly said they were waging jihad to restore their historic privileges and supremacy? Who commenced in the bastions of Muslim power during 1857 to burn down Jat villages and parade severed Rajput heads on stakes? Who defiled the last standing Hindu temple of Maruthua with the green flag of jihad? Who tried to defile the Golden Temple of   Varanasi in Benares with the green flag of jihad?  Who circulated royal degrees restoring Sharia Law? Which required jizya taxes on all non Muslims?  Who said they also planned to overthrow the ‘law of the Heathen’ which was Hindu Principality law? Then was the Rani performing rather as Aisha the Widow Warrior?  Or in the end did the Rani even know what role she was performing from day to day? Wasn’t she just as desperate as the desperate who clung to her?

Mohammad Ishaq was the Wahhabi handler of Raosahib and Tope and he ran the ‘Peshwa Operation’ throughout the entire rebellion. Why did a Muslim Wahhabist run a so-called Brahmin Hindu Peshwa Freedom Fighting for the Respect of Brahmins operation? Isn’t a Muslim running a Brahmin Peshwa an oxymoron or at least a discrepancy? Like Azimullah Khan running Nana Sahib?  Behind the shining facades of famous Brahmin Hindu freedom fighters fighting for ‘respect’ there were all of these Muslim Wahahbists.

And Wahhabists per their religion consider unbelievers and especially shirks (Hindus) najis filth (on par with urine, rot, decay, blood, pigs, dogs, donkeys, and females). And this phobia for anyone who is not Wahhabi is not symbolic. It was very real. It was on par with Untouchability. It was a phobias for anyone who was contagious religious filth. Contagious vermin. Contagious evil. Wow! So why were every single shining Hindu Rebel Leader tailed by a dark shadow who was Wahhabist?   Was this taquiyya? Islamic lying to the infidel? ‘ Do not look behind that curtain at the little man operating the machinery! Behold the Great  Wizard of Oz!…..’ Fortunately every single Hindu face boasted a shadow who commanded in their names because Muslims do not allow Hindus to command them so having that little man commanding behind General Tope’s back came in hand to command all of those Muslims of the Army of the Peshwa…..

Ghulam Muhammad was the Pathan paladin to the Rani of Jhansi, Muslim. He was  originally ordered to the guard a loose cannon of a willful woman. She started out a semi prisoner of Muslim Rebels running the Jhansi operation. But then the romantic Pathan became  a besotted admirer of the Rani. The Rani waged war  with  panache surrounded by her adoring Pathans and Afghans and Arabs and and especially Ghulam Muhammad. Toward the end she was only fighting alongside Muslims without any  Maratha or Hindus at all. But by her side was Ghulam Muhammad. Yet today no one is bothered by that at all. Her loyal paladin probably loved her chastely if he saw her as Aisha the Widow Warrior. Pathans worship their warlords and dangle baccha danging boys on  the side who tend to fulfill any sexually romantic inclinations Pathans might have. Women were sexually unappealing and were just used to reproduce little Pathans.  So the Rani’s loyal Paladin  died manufacturing a death befitting his adored Rani.  How did the so-called symbol of the Maratha become the symbol of the Muslims? When did Joan of Arc become Aisha the Widow Warrior?

The Rani of Jhansi was trapped by  the retreating Rebels retreating after a string of defeats that left only one final ‘hail mary’ desperate football play: Gwalior.  Why not? She despised Scindia and despite the fact they had no legal right to attack Gwalior ….well…..it was a ‘hail mary pass’. Why wage one final battle in another rajah’s lawful principality who was lawfully neutral after an entire year of defeats? But the Rani did look fetching in her Pathan jihad couture complete with green turban of jihad and lovely white polo pony. The Rani was a polo player  and she did  look fetching surrounded by her loyal bodyguard of Pathans, Afghans, Arabs, Muslim jihadists, thousands, plus only 1500 Brahmin mutineers from the Bengal Army and Gwalior Contingent of the Bengal Army recruited in Oudh which was a Muslim Bastion, plus  odds and sods from Rebel defeats in the Muslim bastions,  plus a token Royal Peshwa Color Guard of mercenary Maratha to cover up the fact the ‘Army of the Peshwa’ was 99% not Maratha invading the Maratha Decca, to install a Brahmin dictatorship over ‘degraded shudra’  in cahoots with Wahhabi fanatics to attack and murder a lawful Maratha rajah and take over his lawful principality. But like deposed  Mary Queen of Scots encouraging the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth  of England, why not? All or nothing! A crown or death.

The Rani of Jhansi  had no real control over her Muslim handlers so she could not really rule Jhansi. Rebels rebelling in Jhansi were organized and led by  Muhammad Hussain and Kale Khan and Bakhshish Ali . They butchered the usual British, Loyalist sepoys, Anglo Indians, Bengalis, especially  Bengalis, and Western educated professionals and looted and robbed the usual Hindus with any money in Jhansi.  She could not outlaw holy cow slaughter on EID as Muslims gleefully killed cows to insult Hindus.  Her stamp was stamped on a Rebel propaganda called ‘Victory of Islam’. As General Rose approached Jhansi she could not really negotiate surrender. Her father and his reactionary advisors favored no surrender because the Brahmins were not being respected and no one was kowtowing to gods on earth which reactionary Brahmins believed they were. Literally gods on earth.  The Rani’s other Brahmin advisors,  Nana Bhopatkar and Lalubhau Bakhsi, more moderate, advocated surrender, play the ‘Holkar’ card and plea helplessness for the massacres, wave the Union Jack on the palace flagpole (which believe it or not she did),  and try to contact Rose to plea powerlessness so she would not be blamed for the siege of Jhansi.  But the Rani could only play inspiring roles like Mary Queen of Scots or Joan of Arc or the Rani of Chittor burning in suttee as Chittor burned….. but the latter two roles both involved burning….. and the Rani did not fancy burning.

So she provided the face to the siege of Jhansi as Muslim Wahhabist Rebels sealed the gates to stop the civilians fleeing (which they did) and forced Rose to besiege a city he did not want to besiege. Jhansi was sacked and burned as the Rebels fled behind human shields of desperate civilians fighting off Enfields with sticks while the Brahmins of the  Bengal Army also fled, while the Rani fled.  A rope over a wall to a polo pony under the far walls.  But at the end of the day the Rani was a Brahmin NOT from Decca and NOT Maratha so at the end of the day did she really weep for the degraded shudra scum called Maratha? Hard to say…..Perhaps.

Today Marxists historians in Indian history books praised the siege of Jhansi as an heroic act of defiance of Indians getting no respect from the British. No one questions if the siege was actually necessary or could have been prevented considering Rose had not sacked another Maratha towns whenever possible, and only crushed Rebels, while packaging his army as the ‘rescuer’ of the Decca. After all, most of his tiny army boasted  Maratha, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Gwalior soldiers with only a few odds and sods of sailors and burned out Crimea Scots with enfields. Rose, who learned his trade in Ireland, knew there was the Front and the Home Front and he knew he needed to woo the Indians of the Decca. He did. Jhansi was a propaganda disaster he wanted to avoid.Note he saw it as a propaganda disaster. Militarily, it was a piece of cake. He held the siege with only 600 men at one point.

His mostly Decca Army burned the town to the ground. Why? Why did Decca soldiers display such ruthlessness toward Jhansi? Was it because Jhansi was used to funnel outsiders through the Decca shieldwall to attack Decca princes? Throughout 1857 the Decca bled as Rebels looted and burned and raped and robbed and even kidnapped and tortured kids to extort money. There was total chaos and anarchy by Badmash who were not from the Decca and were not Maratha but rather were from Oudh  and were Brahmins and Muslims. But by saying the Rani was Joan of Arc of India then a bloody civil war can be reduced to a  black and white myth of Quit India 1857 instead of 1857 Jihad. Then no one  needs to ask the embarrassing question if the destruction of Jhansi could have been prevented and why  more Maratha fought alongside Rose than alongside the Rani or why  the Rebels sealed the city of Jhansi to stop the people fleeing to force them to fight….. which they did.

The Rani of Jhansi was glamourous and an elite Brahmin from the Muslim Bastions when her ambitious father married her to a notorious homosexual rajah in the Decca. Jhansi was rundown and almost bankrupt but it made her Rani. She produced an adopted child (in all probability her own child) when he failed to raise to the occasion. But Jhansi was pretty much insolvent and her husband’s extravagance plus debts and IOU’s to the EIC finished the job. The EIC took Jhansi into receivership as any bankrupt on Cary Street. Bankruptcy is bankruptcy.

The Rani then commenced her bidding war with Dalhousie for a million pound stipend to retire gracefully. She was desperate. Her homosexual husband was dead and elite Brahimin wives became either suttee or religious leper widows begging for one meal a day in Benares  dressed in one ragged sari plus shaved skulls.  The Rani might voice  reactionary horror at British reforms (written by  a Hindu called Roy) but she had every intention of enjoying the reforms personally. Dalhousie countered with a million rupees a year. By 1857 the Rani had a counter offer of half a million pounds and Canning countered with half a million rupees. But if the negotiations stopped and  Rani left Jhansi she was as  good as dead meat on the Great Trunk Road to Benares where widows go to starve to death.  She had to get her son on the throne so she could be dowager regent or she would end up living a life she had no intention of enduring.  She was facing a living death as a defiled and damned widow. A version of a religious leper on par with an Untouchable. And contrary to modern myths, she did not socialize with Untouchables either.

The Wahhabist Rebels in Jhansi massacred Loyalists and especially Bengalis (which has never been explained or even noted). Then  Bakhshish Alli and Kale Khan  and Muhammad Hussain  paused mid -Allah Akbar’ and ‘Deen Deen’  while waving the green flag of jihad to offer her the job. Dear Rani , cover our Islamic private parts with your beauty or we will kill you and your son and pick your replacement  who will be glad for the job. PS. check out the corpses  chopped up like radishes littering the city walls. Brits. Anglo Indians. Bengalis. Courtiers like Bengalis Babus. Even babies.  The Rani of Jhansi took the job of fronting for the Wahhabists in Jhansi whose only favorite Mughal was Aurangzeb The Terrible. Not Akbar The Great. Aurangzeb The Terrible.  What did they plan for Jhansi? They planned to finish the ‘unfinished business’ of India: convert or die.

But meanwhile, the Rani played everyone as if riding a wild horse out of control hurling itself over the city walls to certain death.  She tried to contact the British but Natthe Khan of Orchha cut off her dak courtiers. She contacted childhood friends like Nana Sahib and General Tope who reassured her she was backing the winning side. She feuded with Sikandar of Bhopal, exchanging threatening letters while enjoying the misery of Scindia of Gwalior who was under continuous attack now that the Rebels could use Jhansi as a breach in the shieldwall to attack the keystone of the Maratha: Gwalior. She loathed Scindia and hated Sikandar. It was great to be Rani of Jhansi again…..

The Rebellion  of 1857 was conspicuous for the pogroms waged on unarmed women and children, civilians, desk jockeys, civil servants, servants, and educated professionals like engineers, doctors, teachers, plus anyone seen as wealthy or uppity. British only you say? NO. That is the interesting thing. Anglo Indians, Bengalis, then Jats and Rajputs were targeted. And haves were targeted. Hindu Haves. Successful Hindus.  They were tied to cannon and threatened with being ‘blown from cannon’ unless they handed over all of their money to the Rebels who just so happened to be the old haves who were now the economic have-nots envious of the new successful people of Capitalistic India. Economic envy? Gasp! Did the Rebels have ulterior motives?

The pogroms were preplanned and carefully timed. They were started by shockingly outrageous blood libels — red meat for vegetarians. They featured the release of criminals both mundane and violent. they featured in starring roles Wahhabi  weavers and butchers who came armed and prepared to slaughter savagely. ‘They boasted they chopped kafirs up like radishes’ was a common reference to the excessively violent slaughter. But pogroms are suppose to end after a wonderfully purging  orgy of violence. The trouble was the pogroms kept going. Pogroms  slaughtered anyone and everyone at all. Severed heads of kafirs were replaced by severed heads of Rajputs. Tortures and massacres of British were replaced by tortures and massacres of Hindus.  1857 Jihad repeated 1831 Jihad which officially was to drive the British and Sikhs out but which ended up mostly attacking Hindus. The 1831 bloodbaths became the 1857 bloodbath. But it was a bloodbath that apparently could not stop.

War before 1857 usually was kept to the battlefield with some protocols and only the occasional sacking of a city that did not surrender before the guns fell silent allowing the forlorn hope to rush through the breach. But  1857 featured war on civilians where no one was deemed ‘innocent’. Like 9/11 New York or later London or Mumbai, terror was deliberately employed against civilians. And the victims were not just white. And the violence was atypically savage beyond the pale of vicious.

Wahhabism has a direct link to Islamic Terrorism, called Kharijite. Holy Terror can be used per Wahhabism  against non Muslims. Anyone who refuses to convert or defies Wahhabis jihad is automatically deemed  not innocent and therefore can be targeted. Likewise, Wahhabism allows Takfir killing of Muslims by Muslims  if directed at deviant Muslims and Muslim traitors who are anyone who defies Wahhabism. Holy Terror was used by Wahhabists to all but destroy Mecca and has been used by Wahhabists to do every sort of unspeakable horror throughout its long history of nightmares.

Wahahbi Holy Terror has  been employed throughout history. Wahhabism justify terror against civilians especially.  Wahhabi  Islam   blesses jihad or unlimited offensive war to impose Islam  by any means. The End justifies the means. And the world caliphate declares  that every Muslim has a duty to subjugate and convert or conquer and dominate every single kafir and shirk and unbeliever and infidel until the whole world is Dar ul Islam Land of Islam Triumphant. . ‘We have the right to rule ourselves and we have the right to rules others’ as modern Wahhabists openly boast.  Anyone who refuses to convert is ‘guilty’  and therefore can be slaughtered. Slaying civilians is Holy Jihad even if those civilians are not linked to any crime. Holy War and Holy Terror and Holy Jihad  is blessed if the cause is to promote Islam, exact revenge for Islam, or make Muslims around the world feel more powerful by slaying the heretic. Any non Muslim who dares to fight back requires jihad to be waged, even half way around the world. Collective punishment is perfectly legal in Holy Terror. Killing Kafirs for any disrespect or insult to Islam anywhere in the world is blessed.  ‘Freeing’ Muslims held under the tyranny of non Muslims requires jihad  as well. ‘Tyranny’  is lawful secular government offering freedom of religion in peace and security — if it is not Islamic. Democracy is tyranny if it is not Islamic. and PS: Wahhabism says democracy is haram.  Any government all over the world that is not Islamic is automatic tyranny requiring Holy Jihad. All Muslims must be ‘freed’ from the tyranny of the infidel.  While there are some rules against Muslims slaying Muslims there is no protocols protecting kafirs or unbelievers or even Muslim heretics  or apostates or ‘hell bound deviants’. Respect for human life is only allowed for the right Muslims: Wahhabists.

Wahhabism also equated damnation with the West so anyone contaminated by the West was deemed defiled. Any Muslim who was defiled by the West automatically become ‘kafir’ justifying death. Anyone who refuses to convert and persists in staying kafir  is deemed ‘not innocent’ and therefore guilty and deserving of death. The Delhi pogrom featured not only every  Brit ( except two famous turncoats who converted to Islam) but also servants of the enemy:  Bengalis civil servants, teachers of the Delhi Collage, students of the Delhi Collage,  Loyalist soldiers of every race, anyone contaminated by the West, ‘spies’, ‘enemies’,  and anyone who was a ‘closet kafir’ or ‘closet enemy’. Such paranoia resulted in everyone being suspected throughout the siege of Delhi . Perfectly ordinary people of every race and class and religion were brutally killed  for simply being ‘suspected’ of not supporting the rebels enthusiastically enough. Parading severed heads on lances became a routine. Most of the severed heads paraded through Delhi were not white.

Indian Artillery was increasingly obsolete by 1857. The Rebels in Delhi had good cannon on the city walls courtesy of the British but their field pieces were large, clunky, and inferior in metal and in design. Most artillerymen in the Bengal Army were Muslims and they were good. When they captured Delhi they had great cannon on great walls — courtesy of the Brits. On the city walls the best artilleryman  was a Muslim convert called Gordon — a white Scot.

Indian cannon was mostly brass, bronze, and wrought iron which could not hold a rifled bore and therefore could not be precision bored for accuracy. Nor could they be mass production of precise munitions. Such cannon also fatally overheated in battle and were cumbersome to move as the battle flowed and shifted resulting in cannon being spiked or abandoned. Indian wars featured much loss of cannon accordingly. India artillery fatally embraced gigantism as Western artillery became smaller. A Brit horse artillery brigade could gallop across the battlefield and manuveer and load and fire in two minutes. And they could keep firing for hours. Redeploy. Fire. Redeploy. Fire. Endlessly . By 1857 the British horse artillery was lethal. The Industrial Revolution in Britain was flooding the world in top quality iron and steel while researching beech loading rifled artillery with all in one munitions which would appear within five years of the civil war in India. During the Siege of Delhi the Rebels lost most of their field artillery before the battle even started. It would fatally effect the outcome. Then they failed to attack the Meerut siege artillery column lumbering toward Delhi. That was fatal. The Rebels also failed to secure the Heights when they could have. The Meerut siege artillery was planted like lilies of death and those lilies of steel blew Delhi to pieces.

Rebels were manipulated by the creators of the rebellion, the Wahhabists, who were  well organized having planned their jihad since their last jihad in 1831. But as the lies were exposed and the mythic Army of Persia never came, as Dost of Kabul struck a deal with the Loyalists, as the Russians played Amazullah Khan instead of paying him, as England failed to sink under the waves like Atlantis, and as Plassey’s  date came and went with no miracle victory, and worst, as the rest of India joined the Loyalist Cause instead of their cause, then the rebels realized they had been manipulated into joining a cause that actually was against their own best interests.  They were sleeping with the enemy – Wahhabists intend on creating their Wahhabi utopia. ‘One enemy at the time’ with the British and Sikhs  and Loyalists targeted in 1857. Then  the sepoys and other ‘shirks’ would be  targeted. ‘One enemy at a time’ the internal correspondence of the Wahhabists boasted.  On EID cows were locked up in gutted jails because Holy Ghazi Jihadists were raving they meant to kill every holy cow and or Hindus they could get their hands on. ‘We meant to achieve paradise by jihad and killing kafirs or shirks equally will achieve holy  martyrdom’. (See The Last Mughal by Dalrymple.)

Badmash means pretty much what it sounds like: bad riffraff. Rebels became badmash for the month that Delhi was ruled by them. Bazaars were trashed, opium bars looted, hashish and bhang joining opium as drugged out soldiers wallowed in the excess of the breakdown of law and order. Merchants were attacked and their homes smashed to rob. Banks were attacked. Any townhouse that hinted of wealth was attacked.  Even courtesans, the geisha of Delhi, were attacked.  The suburbs around Delhi was looted as well. Farms. Villages. Towns. Badmash descended like locusts. The Sepoys were only part of the badmash but took the blame for all of the badmash including all of the criminals the Rebels released to create a total breakdown of law and order.

Dacoits, India’s organized crime mobs, filled the void left by the collapse of law and order and profited with black markets. The sepoys did not have the Dacoit flair for organizied crime. They looted and squandered without foresight. The Loyalist Army from Meerut appeared a month later when Delhi and the Suburbs were out of control, food scare, drugs becoming scare, no provisions cached, munitions scattered, no hospital set up, no logistics, no commissariat, no strategy planned, the streets filled by corpses of elephants, camels, horses, mules, and human beings, parts of the city on fire, and starvation ravishing the poor. By the time Nicholson and the Moveable Column arrived Delhi was reeling. But the siege did not start until Nicholson arrived. And Nicholson  ordered the Bridge of Boats and far gates to be left open. Escape was possible.  So what was the siege of Delhi before Nicholson arrived? It was the total breakdown of all law and order and the unleashing of complete anarchy and badmash. Every Delhiwallah was torn between the fear of staying and the fear of risking robbery and death by dacoit. The Loyalists won the battle but found out that Delhi was already looted to the bone. The Brits with their shopkeeper mentality organized a looting by way of a  committee of auditors for a per rata distribution

. For the record the ‘Butcher of Delhi’ ie Nicholson was violently opposed to looting and protested the plans to loot Delhi. Loyalist soldiers heard about Nicholson’s stiff necked opposition to any looting. His career as a military policeman was full of arrests for looting and hanging for looting too! Nicholson had a track record for stopping looting.  Nicholson was shot in the back on the first day of the battle. He was spinning around to look behind him —– at his own men — when he was shot. So the bullet carved a gigantic hole through both lungs. He died very slowly. Rebels only had Brown Bess muskets and not Enfields so the huge damage of that fatal wound indicates ‘Friendly Fire’ —- probably by soldiers angry that Nicholson wanted to prevent the looting of Delhi.

Rebels always dreamed of lootmaar, the ultimate looting. Lootmaar is an Indian word from which loot comes. Delhi initially was the dream of lootmaar as police fled  and all of the criminals in Delhi were released, from robbers to rapists to murderers. Copy cat criminals joined in the anarchy.  Muslim butchers arrived with knives  ready to ‘chop people into radishes’ . The poor joined in the  lootmarr no less than the sepoys. Delhi erupted into  an orgy of violence, crime, and chaos that lasted throughout the entire Rebel occupation. The Red Fort was looted by the Rebels. Then the Rebels held every rich Delhiwallah citizen hostage in a grotesque durbar where they were threatened with being blown by cannon. The Delhiwallahs refused to hand over their possessions. Finally they were simply thrown in jail.

Pogroms are suppose to unleash controlled chaos and violence on the picked minority scapegoat to allow the majority to vent cleansing violence and purifying carnage carefully targeted on the supposed enemy, inflamed by outrageous  blood libels, red meat for vegetarians. Pogroms were suppose to be carefully exploited by the  bitter Muslims inflamed by Wahhabi fanaticism at being displaced by the British, their historic power and privileges denied. Pogroms were suppose to carefully target the haves: Hindus, Anglo Indians, Benglais, as well as British and Europeans who were now prospering and getting rich and powerful after centuries of suffering under  Muslim tyranny . Pogroms were suppose to be Ghazi Holy Warrior Jihad (translation: rob and rape and enslave the infidel  which is equal to haij).

But the pogrom spiraled out of control. There are records that rebels even stealing farm bullocks, entire sugar cane harvests, and the string beds and firewood of peasants.  There are descriptions of houses being smashed into  and merchants being tortured to yield their riches and bankers being killed who refused to yield their beejaks. Sepoys turned companies into criminal gangs. For a while the sepoys wallowed in riches like pirates and every soldier was  swaggering about like nawabs dressed on gold and silk and parading cheap whores like molls and living like rajahs.

Rebels were told they would be freedom fighters and liberators but in Delhi they were loathed by the Delhiwallahs. Rebels became linked to Lootmaar, Gadar anarchy, Danga rioting, Fasad brawling,  as well as reluctant ‘accomplices’ or ‘accessories’  of ‘jihad’ which being Brahmins they surely must have found ironic to the extreme. Victorian slum criminals used to say ‘If I am going to the dogs I might as well go whole hog’ and the sepoys found themselves going ‘wholehog’.

The Brahmins of the Bengal Army who became the Rebels decided to be seduced by the suddenly very friendly Muslim sowars after other military men started to call them poorbia or lousy mercenaries. The  other armies, the Bombay and Madras, the Corp of Guides, The Skinners,  now openly despised the Bengal Army as ballast dead weight, shirkers, and looters. And even lower caste soldiers were openly calling them that. Bombay or Madras lower caste soldiers complained why they had to fight in Burma or Afghanistan when the Bengal Army refused to budge from fat Oudh where they were based and recruited. Everyone complained why they had to carry the Bengal Army like ballast.

The Bengal Army Brahmins enjoyed more perks and batta than even British soldiers but lost their regimental izzat honor during the 2nd Sikh War where they looted but shirked battle. Historians of 1857 never loot at 1831 or the 2nd Sikh War. The Bengal Army lost face in that war. They totally lost face. The Bombay Army had to march north in Hot Season to salvage their fat asses. And the Sikhs snarled how cowardly the Bengal Army was to run away from battle but then come back to loot the dead. The British soldiers died by the thousands. Their general was too old and the Sikh general was young and brilliant. But the Sikhs admired the tragic heroism of the Brits who fought bravely even if they were butchered by gross incompetence by  their general. The Sikhs openly despised the Bengal Army. This led directly to 1857.

In Delhi the Bengal ARmy  joined the breakdown of law and order and looted along with everyone else. The Rebel commanders and rebel plotters wanted a pogrom in Delhi to target scapegoats but the violence spiraled out of control  resulting in everyone being attacked while the police fled. No Military Police were established to take over and reimpose law and order. It was one of the biggest reasons why the Rebels in Delhi disintergrated into looting mobs.  The sepoys, used to looting and being taken care of by the army, now had no wages, no batta, no perks, and they lost their precious pensions. So they looted Delhi to the bone as the breakdown in law and order unraveled the Bengal Army. The NCO’s could not restore control and the sepoys initially enjoyed being out of control. But as Delhi unraveled the population turned on the sepoys from Oudh. Delhiwallahs loathed Oudh poorbia as thuggish outsiders and riffraff and criminals rather than liberators. ‘The liberators are only liberating us from our property’ was a running black joke. During the Battle of Delhi many Bengal Army soldiers were attacked by long suffering Delhiwallahs.

The rebels were first incited to mutiny at Barrackpore but General Hearsay masterfully handled the rebellion. The rebels ended up weeping as he gave them walking away money. They even pleaded to be allowed back.  They told ‘Moses’ Abbott the Muslim sowars  led by Nakki Khan, a Wahhabi agent provocateur from Patna, incited them to mutiny. But then the Muslims hung back so the Hindus were left twisting in the wind. So the disillusioned Hindu soldiers said the Muslims betrayed them. These mutineers never later joined the rebellion which is interesting. Very interesting. And very revealing.

General Hearsay was not some cliché stupid soldier. He was a vet of India. He loved India. He had two bibi in the bungalow and tattooed a game board on his chest so his wives could play games on him! He held a stand down before his army and wept as he told them how much he loved his men. Every man! Hearsay later said he never could understand why the Bengal Army mutinied. The Bombay and Madras did not. 95% or 99% loyalty. And a lot of that loyalty was toward Hearsay. Hearsay later said he always thought he could be a citizen of both India and the UK. Until 1857 he saw no reason why there could be rift in his beloved army.

Hearsay laboriously developed the Enfield Rifle. He moved all production to Dum Dum. He recruited native NCOs to train and explain. He hired Brahmin chemists to test every ingredient. His manufacturing order for the bullet grease (by an Indian manufacturer) specifically outlawed cow or pig tallow. He held displays of the gun. His very concern and laborious care to ease the gun into production put it 6 months behind schedule while firing the suspicion of the Bengal Army who wanted to believe the lies the Muslims were spreading.   But during the war he mass produced ammo 24/7 and never lost control of Calcutta or Barrackpore or Dum Dum. To bad General Hearsay could not be cloned. 1857 would never have happened.

The Meerut Morons alas lived up to their nicknames.  The British officers were senile or cowardly. The sepoys were goaded by Muslim sowars and agent  provocateurs to ‘stand up for their faith’  while the Muslims hung back to watch. The sepoys mutinied over old guns and old paper for cartridges and they never even saw one lousy Enfield cartridge, much less touch one. That is a historical fact.

The irony was the sepoys now enjoyed full freedom of religion which the Mughals never allowed when the Muslims ruled. Conversion was against EIC protocols. Preaching was also against EIC protocols. The whole ‘breaking caste’ was a canard. So why did the sepoys fall for it?  The sepoys were about to be obsolete by modernization if they could not learn the Enfield rifle. An Enfield was like telling a farm boy ‘I am going to teach you to wage war’ and then placing him before a computer. The Enfield was revolutionary technology. 1000 feet. Lethal.  Blow the back of a man’s skull off the size of a dinner plate. Fast to load. Demanding super accuracy. But it also required skill the sepoys did not have.

War used to be power  volleys of long lines of men firing on command to fill the battlefield with the hail of bullets — hopefully hitting somebody at some point.  The Rifle meant every soldier might stand alone with no pal on his right and no mate on his left, inflecting death deliberately but alone. For the first time sepoys were  actually expected to  aim and kill at 1000 feet. The Enfield scared brave men silly but brave men could not admit why they were scared so they wanted to believe canards no rational man would fall for. They were emotionally primed to mutiny.

Sepoys later said that Sunday started out bright and sunny. Then suddenly everyone was dead and Muslim butchers with knives were chopping people into radishes. Caught in the middle as British, Anglo Indians, Bengalis, Westerners, Western educated, bureaucrats, desk jockeys, women, children, and Loyalist Army sepoys were attacked and butchered, they panicked and looted. Then they  ran  after the sower cavalry riding to Delhi, afraid of being left behind to pay the costs of sowar Muslim intrigue.

‘They told us we would be freedom fighters’ some rebels later told the British as they asked for ‘Clemency Canning’ amnesty to rejoin the army. The sepoys knew the British were planning to merge all of the armies together into one modern army based on the Corp of Guides.  The Bengal Army was totally segregated and also enjoyed apartheid. The Brahmin sepoys thought everyone else were debased castes including the British who were Once Borns on par with Untouchables. What would happen if the modern reforms stripped away segregation and apartheid and the Brahmins would be forced to endue inferior Brits, Scots, Gurkhas, Hindus, Pathans, Bengalis, and shurda castes?  And their Brahmin rituals were time consuming, paralyzing in complexity, and prevented them from performing as modern army protocols increasingly required.

In the 2nd Sikh War the Shudra and Maratha ‘degraded’ castes of the Bombay Army  performed better than the supposed elite Bengal Army. The Bengal  sepoys could not keep up with even runty gin sodden cockneys from London’s slums. The Sikhs and Ghurkhas were the best par none but the Corp of Guides and also Skinners were introducing advance scouting, guerrilla warfare, spying, and new high tech skills as well. The Sepoys were about to be made redundant, victims of modernization.

Rebel fear of the Enfield was based on rumors and canards deliberately circulated  by the manufacturers of the rebellion. The cartridge was manufactured by Gangadarh Banerji and Co to specifics of ‘Mutton or goat  only allowing substitution of linseed or coconut and excluding pig or cow or anything offensive to native sensibilities’. General  Hearsay paid Brahmin doctors and chemists to test the grease which was needed along with wax to shove the pad and mime bullet down the grooved barrel of the rifle. The gun also had to be kept in absolute perfection of cleaning and priming. The Brown Bess musket was easy to use and tolerant of sloppy cleaning and maintaining. The Enfield was not a forgiving rifle even if it was a lethal rifle. He moved manufacturing to Dum Dum Munitions in Calcutta to monitor every step of the production. By 1857  the gun was 6 months behind production and in Merrut only the HM’s Army 60th British testing the guns with a ration of only 10 cartridges per man. The sepoys were only trained to hold the gun, dismantle it, clean it, and reassemble it. No sepoy ever touched one disputed cartridge. But by Meerrut the sepoys were  protesting all guns, all patches and papers, all oil and wax, all bullets, and all gunpowder. Hearsay had a full standown and swore on his honor before his men but to no avail. Rumors and canards outweighed fact. The sepoys had made up their minds to mutiny and told Hearsay the Muslim sowars  and agent provocateurs like Nakki Khan were goading  them into rebelling.

The Bengal Army was once the elite mercenary army in India and waged war for Mughals and the British for pay, batta combat pay, perks, and the opportunity to loot. Loot is an India word after all. By 1857 the Bengal Army was populated mostly by Arabic blood Muslims who formed the sowar cavalry and artillery and Brahmin elite who were the infantry. The army was entirely recruited in Oudh. That is a remarkable thing historians often forget. It is a crucial detail.

The Nawab of bankrupt Oudh was only interested in flying kites and staging elaborate Indian operas —preferably nude with fairy wings and gold dust. Then the Muslims and Hindus commenced a bloody sectarian war over the disputed Hanuman Temple which had been turned mosque which then fell down which then turned back into a temple which the Nawab of Oudh declared illegal. He then flew his kites as Hindus and Muslims killed each other by the thousands. Does that sound familiar? As in the Rama Temple dispute? Yeap! Oudh was about to be ripped into bloody pieces in a violent sectarian war of religion when the British finally ordered out the army to occupy Oudh. That always gets omitted from the story. Also omitted is that only the Bengal ARmy of Oudh mutinied. 99% of every other army did not. Oudh was a rotted apple that rotted out the apple cart of the Bengal Army.

And equally mysterious is why the Bengal Army watched Hindus in Oudh fight for their temple and be butchered and did nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then they joined their historic oppressors to rebel. Then they did nothing as Muslims tried to attack the famous Golden Temple of Benares. Nothing. Nothing. They did nothing as Rajput heads were paraded on stakes when Brit heads ran out. Nothing. Nothing. They did nothing as they were demoted to ‘Accomplices of Jihad’ and then cannon fodder while Muslims often held back. Fatalistic, they said everything was hopeless and what could they do. Then they did nothing. They finally ran away and in Kashmir the Muslims captured them and cut their holy cords and shoved cow down their mouths and then mutilated their genitalia before selling them into slavery. Fatalistic to the end, they did nothing.

The Bengal Army demanded  absolute segregation and apartheid against all degraded castes and racial inferiors who included Sikhs, Gurkhas, Maratha, Shudras and even the British and Anglo Indians  who were ritually on par with Untouchables. They refused to redeploy to advance battlefields but in the 2nd Sikh War failed to perform on par to the Bombay Army of inferior Shudra Maratha castes. By 1857 the sepoys were openly called ‘ballast (dead weight)’ and ‘shirkers’ and poorbia  (cowardly looting mercenaries). They lost face in the military bazaars when the military whores jeered them. The Bombay and Madras Armies openly loathed them. Fatalistic, they let destiny lead them into a fatal ambush with history. They lost their personal nang honor and regimental izzat and then sabit poise in battle and then their pensions and their freedom and finally either their lives or else their religion —- at the hands of Muslim slavers.

Ask yourself why did an Untouchable dared to asked Mangal Pandey for a drink from his brass drinking bowl? That was a deliberate insult. Before 1818 Pax Britannia if such a man dared to insult a Brahmin like that he could be tortured and killed. So why did that bitter soldier deliberately insult an elite soldier of the Bengal Army? Because by 1857 the Brahmins of the Bengal Army were no longer officially gods on earth Brahmins or even the elite soldiers of India. They were merely arrogant and conceited shirkers  that all of the other soldiers of India had to pick up the slack and carry as ballast. And ‘ballast’ was the term being bandied about to describe the Brahmins of the Bengal Army.

By 1857 the other soldiers of India not only disrespected the Brahmins of the Bengal Army but wanted to shove an Enfield rifle up their collective ass. The resulting civil war would feature savage brutality on both sides as Loyalist soldiers (native Indians ) savagely slaughtered the Brahmins and Muslims of the Bengal Army just as the Bengal Army originally savagely slaughtered the Loyalists.  It was a grudge match to the death as well as a tragic civil war.

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